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3 Sep 2016

Mermaid “Mermaid” 1973 Denmark Prog Psych Rock (members of Burnin Red Ivanhoe & Young Flowers)

Mermaid “Mermaid” 1973 Denmark Prog Psych Rock (members of Burnin Red Ivanhoe & Young Flowers) 


Mermaid was a very short lived band from Denmark. It was founded in 1973 by members from Burnin Red Ivanhoe (Karsten Vogel and Ole Fick) and Young Flowers (Peter Ingemann and ken Gudmann). Shortley after the bands start, Mermaid took on a tour to Norway in feb. 1973. This tour was very successfull, and most of the material on this CD is actually from this tour. When the band returned to Denmark it was impossible to make follow-ups on the Norway tour for various reasons. The band chanced drummers a couple of times (Bo Thrige/Claus Sarup/Carsten Smedegaard), but lack of jobs made it impossible to keep the band going, so alredy in 1974 it vas over. The music is from my point of view the last music from the great period in rock. The huge sound, lots of energy, great musicianship and so on. In Norway the band threw everything they had into the music, and the recordings from this tour is no less than marvelous. The other recordings are various studio recording with less energy but still great. The band never made a record. This is all there is from this now forgotten band. ….. 

Ole Fick (guitar, vocals) 
Bo Thrige Andersen (drums) 
Karsten Vogel (saxophone) 
Peter Ingemann (bass, vocals) 

01 Regnbuen 1:58 
02 Copenhagen 4:08 
03 Knokkelmanden 3:17 
04 You Are My Secret 3:50 
05 Sjette Juli Blues 4:50 
06 Looking For Fun 8:23 
07 Harold B. King 3:14 
08 Come On Now 19:04 
09 Auuhm 1:00 

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