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17 Sep 2016

Miguel de Deus ‎ “Black Soul Brothers” 1977 Brazil Soul Psych Funk

Miguel de Deus ‎ “Black Soul Brothers” 1977 Brazil Soul Psych Funk
Miguel De Deus “Black Soul Brothers” (Copacabana, 1977) 
Funky music, terrible singer. I mean, like, the backing band is really in a deep groove, and De Deus is really, really annoying – terrible tone, grating personality, and a total spazz. I bet it was a lot of fun seeing him live – it’s a very high-energy performance – but on wax, it’s too manic and unmelodic for me, even worse than Tim Maia or most of the other Brazilian soul singers. Apparently this was his only solo album of his career, although earlier he recorded with the rock bands Os Brazoes and Assim Assado. I have to say, that while I find his singing to be irritating, the record itself is definitely a historical gem… If you’re seriously checking out classic Brazilian funk, this is a record you’ll want to track down. ……… 

I know that he was a member of Os Brazões, who backed Gal Costa for a period of time. But that group doesn’t appear to have recorded much beyond their debut. A lot of time passes from 1969 to 1977 when this LP is released. I’m sure I’ve missed some credits from Deus during that period of time, but even still there’s a lot to be discovered and rediscoverd about Brazil music in the 1970s. Black Soul Brothers is a somewhat strange kind of record. Virtually every song on the album doesn’t really have any lyrical structure, it’s more a phrase or a chant. It sounds as if Deus invited all his friends into the studio, without any actual songs, and just cut loose and messed around. Aside from “Fabrica De Papeis” songs have at best 2 lines of lyrics, sometimes even less. “Black Soul Brothers” only real line is “Black Soul Brothers,” either spoken or sung by the female back-up dancers. 

All the minimal songwriting aside, this IS a mighty funky record. I love “Black Soul Brothers” so much I was thinking of making it my ringtone. I mean that beginning where dude screams out “Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Shaka Du Shaka Du Shaka Shaka Du Shaka Du Shaka…UUUh!” before some B-Boyrific drums kick in is just too cool. In addition to the title cut, “Mister Funk” and “Cinco Anos” have also been comped to death on Funky Brazil collections. Every track basically follows the same template, band plays funky, a gaggle of voices join in and things strut and slink to an eventual fade out. As much as I might like some actual songs here, it’s hard to complain when the result is so darn funky…….. 

Miguel de Deus was one of the most versatile musicians of the 70s, while less known to the general public. Miguel was born in Ilheus, Bahia. Already living in Rio de Janeiro in mid-1969 formed the band “Os Brazões” which exploited the African influences in music and manner of dress and dance. The band was a mixture of rock and psychedelia with elements of Brazilian and African music and even accompanied Gal Costa on one of his tours in the late 60. In 1974, Miguel de God created the band “Barbeque” very well “ inspired "in general goods group. 

In 1977,Miguel de Deus created perhaps the LP darkest of black music Brazilian seventies, the album, "Black Soul Brothers”. Invited by Copacabana Records to register it, the disc is glorious exercise of the Brazilian black movement. Illustrated by a powerful hair black power on the cover, Miguel recorded at the time its true aspect, the one that was always present in all musical phases enjoyed. Encased in pure party atmosphere, Miguel God recorded Black Soul Brother exactly as who was part of the music for the party, and not the opposite. 

It all sounds magically loose and averse to any tie or caricatural poses: it is not the main vocal the largest disc technical perfection, but the spontaneity with which loose and externalized catchphrases and proselytize on behalf of black and soul. So it is with “Cinco Anos”, and even a new version of “Pedaços, the same present in the disco band Assim Assado. Miguel was not afraid to turn roguish samba funk rock in ripping with vocal spontaneous and that climão. … 

A1 Cinco Anos A2 Pedacos
A3 Mister Funk
A4 Flaca Louca
B1 Black Soul Brothers
B2 Lua Cheia
B3 Pode Se Queimar
B4 Fabrica De Papeis 

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