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7 Sep 2016

Moses “End Of The Line” 1978 Canada Private Hard Rock

Moses  “End Of The Line” 1978 Canada rare Private Hard Rock
Another Canadian hard rock band in the arsenal of a sole album, as well unreleased on CD, if I am not mistaken. Information is also zero. Smooth and measured, but just a good, rock guitar, like those who are not alien to the 70s! Not to be confused with other Moses……
This is what is printed on the back cover–
“To millions around the world, Moses was just another prophet, but to rock connoisseurs in Canada and the United States, Moses was a hard hitting, high energy rock and roll band. Few Southern Alberta groups have managed to sustain the same amount of commitment, and none have come  as close to success.
There were four of them to begin with, Dave Filchak, lead guitar and vocals; Eric Geisreiter, drums and percussion; Lynn Johnson, guitars and vocals; and Jimmy Williams, bass. They came together in the spring of 1973, frustrated by what was happening musically in Southern Alberta. 1973 was a time when most local musicians were playing top 40 and commercial music, which was leading nowhere. There was plenty of work around, but no one would ever make it playing bars and cabarets in Lethbridge. Dave, Lynn and Jimmy had long been writing excellent original material and performing it for Southern Alberta audiences, who had been notoriously slow in accepting anything but the familiar AM rehash from local bands. But Moses knew only their hope of success lay in playing their own music.
So the break from Lethbridge traditional came about, and suddenly there was a slick new band in town. The boys were back, but this time with something completely different. They were flashy; they were powerful; but most important of all, they were original. That was there Ticket.
Moses began as an idea, a concept, but it seemed to become a vision. It became a tight professional act. It became banks of light, walls of speakers, glitter, finesse. Word travelled fast. In a few weeks the group played to packed houses every night, while audiences reacted enthusiastically, and the general exuberance that was Moses caught on.
So there they were - on top in Southern Alberta. It had been easy, perhaps too easy. It might have been easier to stay and enjoy it all. But bands die here. They needed bigger cities and more exposure. The only hope for making it for Moses lay on the outside - in the U.S. and the rest of Canada.
And so began an extensive and gruelling series of tours, more than a dozen of them. The band played countless engagements, mainly in the U.S. getting the promotion and exposure necessary to interest a record company in their product. The pressures of the road were telling, however, which resulted in a personnel change for the group.  Eric left the band to pursue other interests, and was replaced by drummer Randy McCann, whose hard rock influence changed slightly the band’s direction. Many Moses followers missed the subtle funkiness of Eric’s drumming, but others were equally satisfied with the band’s new heavier feel.
The touring continued until the spring of 1977, with a great deal of commitment from band members who lived on $40 a week or less and sank the rest back into the group. So Moses continued to grow - new equipment, more lights. But the big time was always elusive. Maybe life on the road got the better of them. Maybe the countless string of one-nighters and hamburger joints were too much. But more likely it was the frustration of spending long hours in the studio and on tour only to have record companies expressed a reserved interest as the band searched for that obscure hit single. But the pressure of touring left no time for writing, and if they were to continue to write, there could be little time for live performances. This was the dilemma that the group could never quite resolve, a dilemma which led to the final disbanding in the summer of 1977.
And For all this, Moses still remains something of an enigma. Perhaps this album will answer some of the questions many of us were left with. After all, what was Moses really all about? If the answer is anywhere, it is here in the music.”
-Jeremy Etherington……
Jimmy Williams - Bass
Eric Geisreiter - Drums
Dave Filchak - Guitar, Vocals
Lynn Johnson - Guitar, Vocals 
01. Ballerina Dance (3:45)
02. Saturday Night Girl (3:03)
03. Whatcha Gonna Do Now (4:50)
04. Between The Places (3:18)
05. Nobody (2:52)
06. I’m On To You (3:03)
07. Feel Like A Fool (3:25)
08. 53 Chevy (4:49)
09. Promenade (3:27)
10. Sit Down (2:54)
11. Wastin’ My Time (4:29)
12. Coming On Strong (2:51)
13. I Need You (4:10) 

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