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14 Sep 2016

O'Donel Levy “Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky” 1973 Funky Groove,jazz funk

O'Donel Levy   “Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky”  1973 great Funky Groove,jazz funk
Exact butt-squeezing repro, originally released in 1973. Tight funk in more ways than one……. 

Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky, O'Donel Levy’s follow-up to his excellent Simba, is something of a letdown in comparison. Simba featured a bunch of solid tunes, written and dynamically arranged by Manny Albam. Although both albums were produced by label head Sonny Lester, without Albam’s input these sessions seem somewhat lost. The title cut is not a direct ripoff of the Allen Toussaint tune, but it is fairly derivative. The second tune is a direct ripoff. “Marbles,” credited to Levy, is actually a John McLaughlin tune, from his album Devotion, and it’s downhill from there. Billy Preston’s “Will It Go Round in Circles” is taken at breakneck speed, and let’s just say Levy is better off sticking with instrumentals. “Livin’ for the City” gets a heavy wah-wah makeover, but is one of the better tracks on the album. The rest is just unremarkable. “Sideshow” shows the ballad side of Levy’s playing, and the standard “Willow Weep for Me” is treated as a pretty straight blues. None of this is awful; it just lacks the great tunes and arrangements of its predecessor. Unless you simply can’t get enough O'Donel Levy, skip Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky and stick with Simba. ….. 

O'Donel Levy is an incredible jazz-funk guitarist of the early 70s known to the general public, yet he played but also compound with or larger: Dizzy Gillespie, Jimmy Mc Griff, Sarah Vaughn, Herbie Mann, Lou Donaldson … But make no mistake: if O'Donel Levy distills a tinted set of jazz, complete with a touch of guitar recalling George Benson, that’s funk in question here. beautifully plump cover of the album is the eloquent prologue! Note that some arrangements on the album are signed Dave Matthews himself! 
This opus thus the third of his career on the Groove Merchant label more than one asset up its sleeve and is considered one of his best. 

We attack this cake with the title track “Everything I Do Gonna be Funky” inspired version of Allen Toussaint, while detaching. One is immediately struck by this crunchy rhythm guitar wah wah, on which is put a soft voice to Isaac Hayes. The second guitar comes quickly take precedence: a quick solo round notes, accurate, typical of his jazzy extract the half box of O'Donel Levy. The brass section adds the final touch of warmth to this introduction while groove. 

The second piece, “Marbles” (a cover of John McLaughlin) is an instrumental 6 minutes where raging guitars and keyboard solos alternate on a hypnotic theme. Battery, powerful and square but preserving jazz as shades on the game for the ride, says this “trance”, leaving space for the nerve chain and mastered notes O'Donel. The song is atmospheric, and demonstrates the undeniable virtuosity of the latter. 

The title of Billy Preston, “Will It Go Round In Circles” is proposed here on a fast pace and catchy. O'Donel and percussionist Judd Watkins adorn us beautiful vocal harmonies before we gratify a frenzied solo, true apotheosis throughout the second part! “Living in the City” is an elegant instrumental cover of the famous song of Stevie Wonder . The trio formed by two guitars and keyboard are exchanged and topics intertwine their harmonies to render a real choir, humanized by the subtle pulsations of the wah. 

“Side Show” is the most haunting song on the album, gentle moment between two generous slices of funk. “Willow Weep For Me” is a song with strong blues hints. He who comes from the bottom of a smoky bar, sipping a warm beer in hand, rocked by the bass line … The smooth jazz “Hey Love! "And” Are You Foolin Me “shall close gently this album to discover. 

The album "Simba” will be released a year later in 1974, it’s also a must-have for any jazz-funk discography. Listen to “Bad Bad Simba” instrumental jewel 7 minutes of an explosive crescendo! A rediscovered!……. 

O'DONEL LEVY, guitar & vocals 
JUDD WATKINS, vocal, percussion 
CHARLES COVINGTON, keyboards & synthesizer 

01. Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky 
02. Marbles 
03. Will It Go Round in Circles 
04. Living for the City 
05. Sideshow 
06. Willow Weep for Me 
07. Hey, Love 
08. Are You Foolin Me 

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