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3 Sep 2016

Opa “Magic Time” Uruguay 1977 Latin Jazz Fusion Prog

Opa “Magic Time” Uruguay 1977 Latin Jazz Fusion Prog of the best latin Prog Jazz Fusion album


Hugo and Osvaldo Fattoruso, the Black Rada, Airto Moreira, Flora Purim and some other beasts in an amazing drive to the glory of Euge and many of us ... if you want sabar like jazz can be fused with Candomble and progressive rock, this is the record indicated for you. 
Recorded in '77 in the US since its musicians, Uruguayans, lived in the north country. 

Magic Time is the third album of the group Opa. The same was recorded in February 1977 at Fantasy Studios located in Berkeley (California) and is contained in the catalogs of the genre of jazz. 
This time, the members of Opa: Hugo Fattoruso, George and Hugo Osvaldo Fattoruso "Ringo" Thielman, Ruben Rada are incorporated as stable member vocals and percussion, percussion Airto returning guitarist Barry Finnerty and adds 

This reissue of Opa's two mid-1970s Milestone releases should appeal to listeners who enjoy an eclectic mix of jazz, rock, funk and Latin rhythms. The trio Opa, now disbanded, consisted of Uruguayan keyboardist, Hugo Fattoruso, percussionist George Fattoruso and bassist Ringo Thielmann. Guest artists include flutist Hermeto Pascoal, heard on the ethereal ballad "Paper Butterflies," guitarist David Amaro, vocalist Flora Purim, heard on "Arise" and percussionist Airto, who also produced this release. The tunes rely on multiple electronic and synthesizer effects. ...... 

Line-up / MusiciansAlberto tells us:The controversial acid jazz, including cabbage and cabbage, has generated a growing interest in applications of some half-forgotten dance recordings. Such is the case of Goldenwings (1976) and Magic Time (1977), two LPs Opa trio that have been republished by Milestone in a single compact disc. Airto Moreira that has figured as a producer of both sessions is not surprising, considering that the Uruguayan trio formed the rhythm section the group consisting of Brazilian percussionist in 1973, with a view to the successful LP recording Fingers (CTI). 
Composed of brothers Hugo and Jorge Fattoruso (keyboardist and drummer, respectively) and bassist Ringo Thielmann, Opa developed an original repertoire was based on the best aspects of the jazz fusion of those times. Backed by renowned guest artists (Airto, Flora Purim, Hermeto Pascoal, Ruben Rada, etc), Opa mixed samba, candombe and other South American rhythms with electronic elements and ingredients of jazz, rock and funk. creatively using synthesizers, Hugo Fattoruso developed certain colors and electronic textures that can be compared favorably with fusionistas achievements of the Austrian Joe Zawinul. 
Paper Butterflies (Far Away te Vas), the best number of the first LP, is an exquisite ballad Uruguayan Ruben Rada that combines crystalline Hugo Fattoruso keyboard with delicate flute Hermeto Pascoal. The most striking theme of the second album, La Cumbia de Andrés, is based on a repeating rhythmic motif that leads us to a futuristic renewal battered Colombian genre (which can cause effects of hypnotic and hallucinatory character). 

Hugo Fattoruso : KeybAlbertoOn the chat someone asked things about the Shakers, well, the truth is that this hits you in the post, but I like much more authentic fusion recognized by artists such as Carlos Santana, George Duke and Herbie Hancock, which blends perfectly practically all styles, with influences of jazz and Latin music, but also rock and symphonic music of the Beatles. And the truth is that nothing sounds forced, in fact everything flows with admirable naturalness.Finalizing the 1960s, Osvaldo and Hugo Fattoruso dissolve Shakers and embark on a journey to the United States. Alli with Ringo Thielman form Opa, a group with which they remained four and a half years playing in the underground scene of New York. Time later, they contact Airto Moreira with whom they recorded a disc 1 titled "Fingers". By the year '76, they recorded "Goldenwings" and without Moreira, but with the participation of the great Hermeto Pascoal. A year later, Airto returns, and adding two musical powers: Ruben Rada and Barry Finnerty with whom he recorded "Magic time", their second album. This is a real example of the versatility that has the Jazz, to merge without any problems with other rhythms and genres. Let me see as a creator of so many other aspects genre known merge flawlessly with Candombe and other progressive influences. Anyone who has not heard it yet, is to come up with an immense work of synthesizers, great guitar solos and a huge rhythmic development both on drums and percussion, in which you can get to appreciate the typical keys Candombe charrua . Everywhere you hear it, the sound of this work is totally partner and almost perfect, making it a work for the total enjoyment. 
Audioteca DelPlataA return was studying at a friend's house and we were listening to some jazz background. At one point I said (I do not remember why) something incredible jazz is its enormous versatility to merge with different genres, there are so many musical styles as different from each other and yet are part of the huge range of slopes of Jazz. With all this I'll never I had crossed his mind listening to Candombe hand Jazz and progressive influences, but luckily some band that puzzles you always appears and leaves you speechless, that makes you hear something that never you would have thought, that's what happened with OPA. 
Perhaps there is still some disbelief when I tell you that these discs are going to find a lot of work synthesizers, amazing electric guitar solos and a huge rhythmic development both on drums and percussion, in the latter is where best you can get to appreciate the typical Uruguayan Candombe keys. Incredibly all sounds great wherever you look at it. I estimate that at least some skeptics will want to hear this, to see if it really is as well as I am saying; in this case a huge favor you will be doing your ears, then do not tell me I did not tell (?). 
The smoke is in focusunmissable great album, regalito degenerate old Santa Claus.oards and Vocals........ 

Jorge Fattoruso : Drums 
Hugo "Ringo" Thielmann : Bass 
Rubén Rada : Percussion and Vocals 

Barry Finnerty : Guitar 
Airto Moreira : Percussion 
Flora Purim : Vocals 

Songs / Tracks Listing 

1-Mind Projects (5:58)
2-Camino (7:26)
3-La Cumbia de Andrés (4:40)
4-Montevideo (8:37)
5-Malisimo (8:26)

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