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6 Sep 2016

Opus Alfa “Opus Alfa” 1972 Uruguay Psych Blues Rock

Opus Alfa  “Opus Alfa” 1972  Uruguay Psych Blues Rock
If you get tired of hearing over and over again the same disk Manal, I invite you to discover Opus Alfa, Uruguayan band formed in the city of Montevideo. Mixed rock, blues and baroque music with instruments, so far, very few dared to use, such as the violin, mandolin or rabel and vizcuyo. The group was formed by Jorge Barral (bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin and vocals). Daniel Bertolone (guitar, vizcuyo, flute and vocals), Jesus Figueroa (voice) Gil Atilano Losada (keyboard and violin) and Georg Graf (drums and violin). 
They started doing cover songs in English foreign bands like Jimi Hendrix or Keef Hartley Band until the arrival of reinforcement (Jorge Barral and Jorge Graf) when they decided to find their own style and sing in castellano.Opus Alfa was presented at the BA Rock Festival ‘72 'and he recorded his first LP long-term in Argentina. Just after the release, the band is disarmed and detachment (Graf, Barral and Bertolone) Dias De Blues…. 

The Magic Land (the most important guide about Argentina and Uruguay prog, psych and beat bands of the 60’s and 70’s) says about this band and record: “In spite of their brief career, Opus Alfa remains in the history of uruguayan rock as one of the clearest exponents of an international sound. With a firm rythm section (Barral and Graf) and the appropiate voice of Figueroa, the band was the ideal vehicle for the pyrotechnics of Bertolone in guitar and the blues riffs of Losada on keyboards. A very effective hard rock, coloured with bluesy brushstrokes and a few psychedelia, is Opus Alfa’s language to express troughout their brief existence. This superb album includes songs as "Calma de un dia”, “Blue de mi ciudad”, and “Miel y humo” and is recommended. After a highly publicised farewell, the band split. ….. 

Led by guitarist Jorge Barral this Uruguayan band leaves the candombeado to be typecast in the classic seventies rock with blues airs very powerful, a very special but close to hard rock sound style. A Hammond organ type very present and touches of violin give them a highly original seal. Days later they form the band Blues. With Opus Alfa would record only this record. The coup that live Uruguay in 1973 meant the departure and exile for many musicians and he settled in Spain Barral. A highly recommended disc…… 

Founded in 1971 in Montevideo OPUS ALFA quintet composed of Jorge Barral (bass, guitar, vocals), Daniel Bertolone (guitar, flute), Jorge Graaf (drums, percussion), Jesus Figueroa (vocals) and Atiliano Losada (keyboards, vocals) released in early 1972 self-titled album, which had moderate success. Unsatisfied with this result Figueroa left the group and began a solo career. Spelled out on Sondor, he released two albums in 1973 and 1974, respectively, which are now extremely rare. After parting with more and Losada, the remaining trio decided to change its name to DIAS DE BLUES and in November 1972 began recording their new album, too, was the only one, but that’s another story … 

Daniel Bertolone ( Guitarra Eléctrica, Flauta, Bajo y Voz) 
Jorge Barral (Bajo, Guitarra Acústica, Guitarra Eléctrica) 
Jesús Figueroa ( Voz) 
Atilano Losada ( Teclados y Violín) 
Jorge Graf ( Batería y Violín) 

1) Blues de mi ciudad 
2) Ilusion 
3) Vamos mal, Ah no 
4) El hueco de mi soledad 
5) Miel y humo 
6) Padre 
7) Destino de mis pasos 
8) Tango 
9) Calma de un día. 

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