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28 Sep 2016

Paul Vincent‎ ”Vincents Fliegender Rock ‘n Roll Zirkus” 1975 unkown & excellent Kraut Rock

Paul Vincent‎ ”Vincents Fliegender Rock ‘n Roll Zirkus” 1975 unkown & excellent  Kraut Rock
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What flutters me because as a bizarre-looking disc into the house? Paul Vincent? Never heard. The disc, which first saw the light of day in 1975 on vinyl is also completely unknown to me. Well, I think, the layout and the title match at least to my music magazine.
The CD will be released in digipack with 12-page booklet in which all the lyrics of the songs contained (except for the “Kriminaltango”) are. Unfortunately, missing images, (including Lothar Meid) show that some of the participants of that time, totally.
First of all let me say that it is “Vincent’s Flying Rock 'n’ Roll Circus” is German rock of the 70’s at. The whole thing is but - from today’s perspective - so bizarre and peculiar, therefore, that it is already mega-cult and totally rocks. If I had to categorize the music briefly, then I remember spontaneously following mixture. You throw the styles (musically and vocally) by Udo Lindenberg, Achim Reichel, Novalis, Torfrock (z. B. in “Lola, O Lola”), Frank Zander (with sound effects such as the time of his first works) and Rocky Horror Picture Show together and mix the whole then with a good portion of humor a la Monty Python, finished the Artistenmix.
And this mixture is no coincidence, because guitarist and singer Paul Vincent Gunia has during his long musical career, among others with such well-known people like Klaus Doldinger, Udo Lindenberg (he was a few years co-producer, composer, arranger and guitarist for Udo’s Panikorchester) , wool Kriwanek, Sting, Eric Burdon and Meat Loaf worked. And with the blessed Freddie Mercury he together on the solo album “Mr. Bad Guy "worked.
In addition to the original 14 tracks of the original album (it is at the time came out in an edition of 5,000 pieces and brings today in good condition price in the thousands) has the CD four bonus tracks. Underneath are three remixes and with the German pop classics "Kriminaltango”, with Ralf Bendix in 1959 had a great success, an additional new piece.
The pretty humorous lyrics by Paul’s wife Mono Gunia, who was also a singer and songwriter with the German Punk Band Thrushbeard time. And this text are also quite bizarre what is in names such as “bum-ballad” (text line: “. And down at the lake one does ner flounder hurt, but deep in the ground to a bum sleeping healthy”), “masquerade” ( text line: “But … do not panic said the flea, but his suit was ablaze.”), “Four naked young men in furnace”, in which the melody of “cuckoo, cuckoo” the text “King Kong, King Kong, calling it out the forest … "is sung or” Fixer-Ballade “can already guess.
Musically, the pieces quite rocky in the vein of the bands mentioned above. With the mixture of different artists from the 70’s, the CD conveys the zeitgeist of this era and clothe them in a circus atmosphere. Then times curtain up and down in the ring! With 0: 28minütigen Overture "The orchestra provides a great atmosphere” starts the CD quite stylish (it takes a certain circus atmosphere).
It has in some places actually feel as if you lost pieces of Udo Lindenberg ( “The Gladiators run a”) or Achim Reichel songs (z. B. “Fixer-Ballade”) listen. And “Last Regards” sounds as träfen Novalis on Queen.
If you like cabbage and German rock of the 70’s with Blue influences which can experience with this CD a wonderful journey through time. I like this quirky ride in the 70’s anyway (because so are some memories). Who wants to listen to the happy / crazy music of “Vincent’s Rock 'n’ Roll Circus”
Bass – Gary Unwin, Lothar Meid 
Drums – Keith Forsey, Martin Harrison* 
Guitar – Paul Vincent Gunia* 
Other [Lolaphon] – Paul Vincent Gunia* 
Piano – Max Greger der Jüngere*, Thor Baldursson 
Saxophone – Olaf Kübler, Ralf Nowy 
Violone – Franz Django Löffler* 
Vocals – Paul Vincent Gunia*
A1 Orchesterfrühlingserwachen 0:28 
A2 Einlauf Der Gladiatoren 3:55 
A3 Wenn Der Penner Pennt 3:51 
A4 Heute Zu Gast Bei Prof. Dr. H.C. Mummenschanz 2:23 
A5 Johnny Kriegt 'nen Alfa 3:10 
A6 Lola A'riola 2:04 
A7 King Kong 3:21 
B1 Kriminal-Tango 3:43 
B2 Mephisto Artisto 4:24 
B3 Aufstieg Und Fall Des Paul Wah-Wah 2:49 
B4 Gesang Der 4 Nackten Jünglinge Im Feuerofen/Kong King(Ein Wintermärchen) 
Choir – Gruppe Amok Müll 3 
B5 Der Allerletzte Tango 3:28 
B6 Alteneim 3:00 
B7 Finale 

01. Orchesterfrühlingserwachen
02. Einlauf der Gladiatoren
03. Wenn der Penner pennt
04. Professor Mummenschanz
05. Johnny kriegt 'nen Alfa
06. Lola A'riola
07. King Kong Kriminal-Tango
08. Mephisto Artisto
09. Aufstieg und Fall des Paul Wah Wah
10. Gesang der vier nackten Jünglinge
11. Der allerletzte Tango
12. Altenheim
13. Finale
14. Das Orchester sorgt für Stimmung
15. Die Gladiatoren laufen ein
16. Penner-Ballade
17. Mummenschanz
18. Die Moritat von Johnny Alfa
19. Lola, o Lola
20. Affentheater (King Kong und die weiße Frau)
21. Mephistopheles
22. Wah-Wah
23. Vier nackte Jünglinge im Feuerofen
24. Ein Wintermärchen
25. Fixer-Ballade
26. Letzte Grüße
27. Ende der Vorstellung
28. Kriminal-Tango - Bonus-Track
29. Die Gladiatoren laufen ein (Remix) - Bonus-Track
30. Wah-Wah (Remix) - Bonus-Track
31. Fixer-Ballade (Remix) - Bonus-Track

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