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20 Sep 2016

Peggy’s Leg “Grinilla” 1973 Irish Psych Prog Rock

Peggy’s Leg  “Grinilla” 1973 Irish mega rare Psych Prog Rock
In late 1972 Jimi Sleven formed Peggy’s Leg with drummer Don Harris, guitarist Jimmy Gibson and bassist Vincent Duffy. This lineup worked wonders from the word go and in no time were topping the local popularity polls. In ‘73 they were voted Best New Group, Don Harris Best Drummer and Jimi Best Guitarist, and appeared live at the New Spotlight poll winners concert in Dublin’s National Stadium. 

The Leg played all over Ireland bringing their unique sound as far west as Achill Island, where they played in the legendary Wavecrest Hotel, and also appeared regularly at Donal Corvin’s 'Gonzo’s Rock Palace’ in Moran’s Hotel in Dublin, then one of the premiere rock venues in the country. The Leg also played regularly at venues throughout Northern Ireland despite the tragedy of the Miami Showband massacre where Jimi lost a good friend and possible future Leg member in that most talented and genial of Dubliners, the great Tony Geraghty. 

In late 1973, and by this time under the management of John Dee, one time member of the Irish cult band Mushroom, Peggy’s Leg recorded the album 'Grinilla’, a work comprising five lengthy original compositions and a version of Saber Dance largely modeled on the Dave Edmonds’ Love Sculpture hit. 

Grinilla was well received by critics and fans alike at the time, and although it was recorded in only a few days (23 studio hours) and with a minimum of overdubs or time to correct mistakes, still ranks as a fine work and has become a much sought after collector’s item. An original copy in good condition can fetch thousands of Euros. Jimi’s re-mastered and greatly improved CD version was licensed to the London-based Kissing Spell label, but is now back in the band’s possession since late 2005. 

The original Peggy’s Leg line-up stayed together for six months or so after the Grinilla release when Vincent Duffy decided to do his own thing. Vince was replaced after a long search by the talented Martin Biseneiks on keyboards and finally by the wonderful John Brady on bass. In 1975 Jimi decided to leave the Leg, and again under the management of John Dee, joined Brush Shiels, Nollaig Bridgeman and Timmy Creedon in the reformed Skid Row. Peggy’s Leg stayed together for a few months with the brilliant Eric Bell replacing Jimi on guitar, but disbanded shortly afterwards. ….. 

Jimi Slevin — guitars, vocals 
Jimmy Gibson — guitars, vocals 
Vincent Duffy — bass 
Don Harris — drums, percussion 

Track Listing: 
History Tells 
Think For Yourself 
Variations For Huxley 
Into the Nightmare 
Just Another Journey 
Sabre Dance 
Son of Grinilla* 

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