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15 Sep 2016

Pollen “Ry D'Oxhe” 1978 Belgian Private Psych Progressive

Pollen “Ry D'Oxhe” 1978 Belgian Private Psych Progressive 
After some research, I got in contact with Michel Maréchal (guitarist) and Bernard Mélot (drummer). Here is the result of an interview conducted via internet with Michel Maréchal group leader: 
“I’m nè in Huy (Belgium Walloon Region) November 16, 1944 
I’m an only son, my little brother who is 8 years younger than me sadly died at birth. 
At the time, that we possess a radio at home, and my father the only open in the evenings and on Sundays, we captions 
the National Radio and Radio Luxembourg home plus a few other stations I can not remember names. 
There were programs of classical music, jazz and variètés French, American Glenn Miller etc … 
My father loved Luis Mariano, Line Renaud and many others of that era 
It was not until around the age of 14 years that I discovered people like Henry Salvador, Juliette Greco, Boris Vian, Django Reinhardt 
Louis Armstrong and many others. and Rock and Roll is here and I have got my first transistor and my first phonograph, there was little record store at the time in my area so j ‘was limited, I have listened to the first records of Elvis, but now I have preferred Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly. 
I have taken courses in music theory (horror for me) and piano at the music academy but the program at the time did not answer what I j 'was hoping to do, so I have left. as always I wanted to become an artist (what I am) 
much to the annoyance of my parents saw me another profession, I have been successful and at 16 I went to the Fine Arts in Liège or I have done the cycle of 7 years at the time, 3 years preparatory to finish high and finally access the painting class, a classmate m'à discover jazz of Miles Davis, Coltrane and many great jazz at that time, blues and French chanson He was professional and semi guitarist during a show in fine arts, he came to give a concert with his band there! j 'was on the ass, and after I asked him to give me lessons, that is how I became a guitarist. Then I have played in groups of balls to help my parents pay for my education, my idol c 'was Ray Charles I has almost all of its first 45 rpm for balls I copied pieces of shadows and it was love to punch in the face when the Beatles landed and I’m still a fan of this group, then the stones and inevitably all major groups that followed it without forgetting jazz and good French song obviously the sixties and the seventies m 'literally bewitched and it’s early 70’s that I have started my own compositions, I was testing in the balls, Patrick Hartung, Yves Albessart, Francis Degrune was part of the dance band and we began to work what alllait become Pollen group. Then Wolfgang Csány (with whom I played the blues in small boxes Liège) Bernard and Christian Melot Bousmane joined us and when we had enough pieces we started 1st parts, and then we did concerts alone and we were followed by a lot of people who loved our vocalizing, so we self-produced by subjecting the 33 and the pressing was limited to 1500 discs Because shoestring budget and recorded in the studio of Michel Dichensheid jazz saxophonist in Liege which helped us a lot. We fell in motion Punk, but it shall not have a lot of impact on us, we were shooting with other groups of more traditional French songs and we démarquions our more rock than folk musical approach them, then everything worked good. We sold our records for concerts and some regional music stores had a few copies in store, some songs played on the radio, in the meantime we worked my new songs and were ready to fight again but a second in the group, and the inevitable separation we still continued to 4, Francis, Patrick, Dominique Bodart new drummer and I until 1985. Pollen and cease to exist. I have a reform group that s’ called with Art'Rose Francis (keyboards), Dominique (drums) Tony (Bass) Wolfgang Csány who joined us (guitar and vocals) and myself (guitar and vocals) with our new compositions and also pieces of Pollen course and adventure s is completed in 1994. 
Ry of Oxhe c 'is the story of my childhood it’s a creek that winds through the hills of my village Ombret and flows into the Meuse at 8 km Tihange nuclear plant near Huy built early 70 Tihange was famous for its strawberry production of or "some strange giant strawberries” and I was referring to the cooling towers. what is s’ enormously pleased to say the green movement and therefore on us to be without us wanted a political label, and I don ’t like it, I am for the protection of the environment but I don’ have no political affiliation. 
I can not see the members of Pollen except Bernard Melot I often see in Liege, and Wolfgang Csány with whom I played in cabarets so as I play here in my hometown with some local and do musicos jams, I retired and I give guitar lessons and devote myself to my painting. I’m divorced, I have four children of my marriage and the youngest Zelie with my ex girlfriend, my son Justin is the guitar recently and come play with me very often. 
You also wonder guitarists whom I love, I have been heavily influenced by George Harrison, my favorite, well … Clapton, Hendricks, Page, Santana, Gilmour, BB King, Johnny lee hooker and so many other … not forgetting of course Django “ 
Thank you very much and Marshal Bernard Michel Melot for their kindness. Thank you to Michael for taking the time to answer my many questions. 
Also I always try to get a copy of this disc … if anyone can help me ……phil spector.. 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..