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22 Sep 2016

Quicksand “Home Is Where I Belong” 1973 UK Prog Rock

Quicksand “Home Is Where I Belong” 1973 UK Prog Rock
QUICKSAND are one of those bands about which little seems to be known; while the band members’ names are easily found, what they played is another matter, although it seems they had a fairly standard guitar/bass/keys/drums lineup. The rear sleeve of their sole album, “Home Is Where I Belong”, actually has a band bio, along with a bucolic view of a classic Welsh valley, complete with a sheep, although it obviously neglects to give any useful instrumental information. Hailing from South Wales, the cover pic makes them look like a rare form of hippy miner, which vaguely describes the music herein. OK, it doesn’t; they basically bordered prog without really immersing themselves wholeheartedly in the style, having much in common with other proto-prog outfits such as CRESSIDA or SPRING, although less interesting. 

“Hideaway My Song” is typically uninteresting mid-‘70s 'rock’, although “Sunlight Brings Shadows” ups the ante a little by bringing in a faint GENTLE GIANT influence, would you believe. The rest of the album veers between boring and vaguely adventurous, although QUICKSAND were never really going to be front-runners. Mellotron on three tracks, with small string parts on “Sunlight Brings Shadows” and “Overcome The Pattern/Flying”, with more strings and brass on “Seasons/Alpha Omega”; no surprise that the 'Tron comes in on the longer, proggier tracks. ……. 

Quicksand is one of those obscure bands from mid '70’s who release only one album in summer of 1974 named very suggestive Home is where I belong. This band was and is quite unknow to larger public in contrast with the music which is very good. They are more a heavy prog band rather then a folk one, taken influencesfrom bands like Warhorse, Allman Brothers, Spring and even some Beatles and Uriah Heep mood, specialy on some vocal parts. Also they have a psychedelic feel , the atmosphere, the arrangements remind me more of the early '70’s, 1970-1971. The album is well constructed alternating from pure heavy prog pieces like Sunlight Brings Shadows, Seasons - Alpha Omega, Overcome The Pattern, or the title track Home is where I belong, with similariry with Uriah Heep ( Demons and wizards era) and some mellowere ones , it may be some folk influences on these one but only here and there like Empty Street Empty Heart , the beggining is absolutly a Beatles atmosphere. A quite intristing and adventurous in places album, specialy on longer pieces, with nice vocal parts and good keyboards, mostly mellotron but aswell some piano are used to give to the album a proper atmosphere. The guitar is very good alternating from acustic to a more rougher moments typical for heavy prog sound but in same vein with the keyboards arrangements. A worthy album, quite unnoticed but must be heared at least couple of times. 3 stars, a good album to me, not realy something never heared before, and possibly at same level with other very well known albums from that period or little earlier like Red sea (Warhorse), Spring or Cressida. 3-3.5 , a pleasent album for sure with good musicianship. ….. 

how can you not be enamored by “Hideaway My Song”, amazing guitar, catchy, unbelievable combination of prog/pop and killer guitar!!!!! listen to “Sunlight Brings Shadows” and you will be instantly sucked into it. The guitar on this album is the thing that keeps me coming back…who would ever think that Wales could produce a band as good as this…something about these songs, like the first time I hear Help Yourself “Strange Affair”…AMAZING!!!!!!! An expensive album that is actually worth the hype!!!! ….. 

Robert Collins - keyboards, vocals 
Jimmy Davies - guitar, vocals 
Phil Davies - bass, vocals 
Anthony Stone - drums, vocals 

01.Hideaway My Song 3:11 
02.Sunlight Brings Shadows 4:22 
03.Empty Street Empty Heart 3:44 
04.Overcome The Pattern 8:16 
05.Time To Live 3:30 
06.Home Is Where I Belong 4:58 
07.Seasons - Alpha Omega 8:23 
08.Hiding It All 4:13

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