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14 Sep 2016

Renegades of Jazz “Moyo Wangu” 2016 new Jazz Afrobeat Afrofunk

Renegades of Jazz “Moyo Wangu” 2016 excellent new Jazz Afrobeat Afrofunk
It’s the year 2016 and David Hanke, widely recognized under his moniker Renegades Of Jazz, is back with his third full-on longplay effort entitled ‘Moyo Wangu’.
After his conceptual and darker approach to his last album ‘Paradise Lost’ released in 2015, we see Renegades Of Jazz explore the world of Afrofunk here, a world David Hanke is deeply linked to since he spent an influential part of his childhood in Arusha/Tanzania in the early 1980s…….
hey do say that home is where the heart is and a large part of the heart of Renegades Of Jazz – a.k.a. David Hanke – seems to be very much still in Africa – because for new LP Moyo Wangu (Swahili for ‘my heart’) he becomes, to all intents and purposes, Renegades Of Afrofunk. But what could prompt such a departure from the dark, breakbeat blues of Luciferian-themed last album, Paradise Lost? You might as well ask where that idea came from as it was so different from ROJ’s ‘northern jazz’ debut Hip To The Jive. Clearly apart from a loose adherence to syncopated drum patterns, Hanke’s loyalty is not to generic boundaries but to excellent production. Since you asked though – it transpires that Hanke spent his early youth in Tanzania which has left such an abiding impression in his mind that’s he’s come up with these twelve tightly-composed and executed cuts.

It’s a mission in which our man has been ably aided and abetted on occasion by the likes of L.A. Jungle Fire on Harambee, producer and multi-instrumentalist and previous ROJ collaborator Hugo Kant (on the title track) and another producer and multi-instrumentalist – Ancient Astronauts’ Kabanjak on Zebra Talk. The vibe thoughout is resolutely upbeat and the tempos are too in the main, yielding the overall impression of a sweaty late night East African dancefloor. Highlights include the Fela-ish groove of previous single Afro Cookie, the pounding Moto Moto, and the aforementioned piccolo-led title track – though as with previous ROJ releases, it’s hard to isolate favourites because if you dig one, you’re likely to dig them all.
(Out now on Agogo Records) …….
01. Renegades Of Jazz - Afro Cookie (4:13)
02. Renegades Of Jazz - Moto Moto (4:56)
03. Renegades Of Jazz - Beneath This African Blue (5:06)
04. Renegades Of Jazz, Jungle Fire Horns - Harambee (4:22)
05. Renegades Of Jazz, Hugo Kant - Moyo Wangu (5:06)
06. Renegades Of Jazz - Them Who Walk Slow (4:26)
07. Renegades Of Jazz - Karibu Tena (4:13)
08. Renegades Of Jazz, Kabanjak - Zebra Talk (4:21)
09. Renegades Of Jazz - Jamboree (3:23)
10. Renegades Of Jazz - Majirani Yako Kelele (4:59)
11. Renegades Of Jazz - Jazz Makossa (4:21)
12. Renegades Of Jazz - Prison Island (3:55) 

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