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26 Sep 2016

Round House “‘Scuse Me” Swiss 1972 Prog Funk Jazz

Round House “‘Scuse Me” Swiss 1972 Prog Funk Jazz 
The dope in question is a mix of a jazz rock and funk with Latin influences. Very little information about that one but I assume it was formed in Zürich in 1969, as stated on Rateyourmusic.

Out of the six members, I know for sure that J-P. Wuttke and Kurt Weil are Swiss. Gustav Csik and Laszlo Juhasz are hungarian but no idea about Bernd Heil and Ralph Bloch…
I recommend you to listen to “I Hear You Call” and “'Scuse Me” which are to me, the best ones. Just enjoy it, folks ! ….
What a nice surprise this album was to me! Highly energetic jazz-rock with an occasional “horn mode”. It’s true that the heart of the band lays with the drummer, their’s is an exellent one, providing some really creative percussive support to lift the band to higher grounds. The album itself is a mix of semi-commercial and more progressive ideas, really diverse and interesting. I still wish they had been more adventurous, so i could give four stars here, but the music here isn’t far from that mark. If you like bands like Altona, Ardo Dombec and Mogul Thrash check them out. …..
Bloch, Ralph  (drums) Chris Braun Band
Csik, Gustav (organ, tenor sax)
Heil, Bernd (guitar, bass, vocals)
Juhasz, Laszlo  (trumpet, bass)
Weil, Kurt  (trombone, vibes)
Wuttke, Jean-Pierre  (tenor/alto saxes) 
01. Motives
02. Born To Wander
03. I Hear You Call
04. Send Me A Letter
05. Share My World
06. ‘Scuse Me
07. Sunshine In My Eyes
08. Thinking Of You
09. Don’t Get Me Wrong
10. Circle Of Dreams 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..