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5 Sep 2016

Saffran "Blue In Ashes"1975 Germany Prog Rock Kraut Rock

Saffran  "Blue In Ashes"1975 Germany Prog Rock Kraut Rock


The five Munich from the environment of Out of Focus - Wolfgang Göhringer was similar in both groups there - playing progressive rock, somewhat reminiscent of Gentle Giant. With flute, but not folksy. With saxophone, but not jazzy. Your instruments they ruled well, but the pieces are not always as exciting as you might want it. For collectors, after all, a little were known Saffran by her single of 1974. Their 1975 LP rehearsed so far remained unpublished because no label wanted it then. Now it comes as a CD, which also contains the two pieces of their single. Except for the rather superfluous "Eleanor Rigby" by Lennon / McCartney and a translated text of the medieval poet François Villon everything is written by themselves......

Wolfgang Gohringer (guitar) 
Rainer Wagner (vocals, sax, guitar) 
Hilmar Binder (drums) 
Gunther Hasinger (bass, flute) 
Hans Glinka (keyboards)

1 Blue In Ashes 3:43 
2 On Your Funeral Pile 3:46 
3 Eleanor Rigby 3:23 
4 Heavy Maggie 4:00 
5 Uzahrade Saffranu 7:58 
6 For You 9:49 
7 Doris 3:14 
8 Floating 4:57 
9 Die Jungen Dinger 6:30 
10 January

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