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28 Sep 2016

Skorpio ‎ “Ünnepnap” 1976 Hungary Hard Rock Funk

Skorpio ‎ “Ünnepnap” 1976 Hungary Hard Rock Funk


An extremely talented band, they sound like a mix of Mountain and Grand Funk! The words are sung in Hungarian, but the band plays in the universal language of funk & rock. There are at least 4 to 5 smokin breaks, and,or intro beats.Two funk rock tunes called “Ágnes” and “Ne haragudj rám”. one excellent tune with breaks “Rongylábkirály” and two nice tracks with drumbreaks “Menetirány” and “Vezess át az éjszakán”. A real treat for anyone who has not heard it. These guys get down as well as any U.S. band. Killer guitar licks and bass lines that really groove. ….
1 Menetirány
2 Rongylábkirály
3 Ne Haragudj Rám
4 Ágnes
5 Ünnepnap
6 Mondd, Te Szép Lány
7 Vezess Át Az Éjszakán
8 Ha Újra Kezdenénk
9 Nyújtsd A Kezed Barátom
10 Újra Az Úton
11 Lead Me Now Through The Night

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..