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24 Sep 2016

Smash “Glorieta De Los Lotos” 1970 Spain Heavy Psych

Smash “Glorieta De Los Lotos” 1970 Spain Heavy Psych
After a few singles released to the market and a change of label, something very common in group life, Phillips decided to make their debut. Him show his versatility to play different types of music without clash, the disc goes through styles such as blues, rock and psychedelia. The psychedelic side of the disc brings them closer to The Beatles such as in “Love Millionaire” beautiful song composed by Henrik Michael and where they sing “In my portfolio there is only air, but you’m a millionaire in love” in the outstanding “Forever walking "theme that starts the disc or” Tove and all that, “where the psychedelic environment supports the use of harpsichord. "Ottenos” serves more as presenting “Aimsha” than anything else, because it actually is the issue and released as a single “Sonetto” recorded backwards. “Aimsha” is an instrumental with Indian touches, played with acoustic guitars and Indian tabla 

The bluesy side of the disc belongs to the songs “Light blood, dark bleeding” and “Free as the little green men” where we transported to Middle America, to the sounds of the Mississippi Delta. But that’s not American influence, as one of the best tracks on the album “Nazarin again” Smash is put squarely on the dylaniano spirit and “It’s only nothing” is where weave path between blues and rock. 

The rocker disc side is headed by “Sitting on the truth” theme that Sister Smash and Jimi Hendrix and opens with a cry of Matito to continue a fast pace of bass and drums spiced with obsessive guitar sound, in what is far more crude. And “Rock and Roll”, more a curiosity than a real song. It is a long jam session where you can hear the group rehearsing and discussing until the end, you get the topic. 

The disc did not have much impact despite being the best of his career, here did not have the rush of “This Time We come to Hit” (Phillips, 1971) or the outside interference or misunderstanding, as we see, they had recordings for Bocaccio…….by … Roberto Macho 

I have is inherited and there is a lot of material that I have not yet discovered, with eyes now, even though my ears remember what inevitably came to them in their day. 
The other day rummaging, I was rather surprised to find a vinyl, which was in very good condition and whose name is not known band. 
It occurred to me that I should be a good band, simply by presenting the vinyl, but even though he was turning his head … “Smash?” could not find my files to any melodic band with this name a Foreign . 
My ears at the age of seventy, were accustomed to listening to the Beatles, Supertramp, Barrabas … etc and have nothing to envy to none, I know that happened to me. This week on hearing this vinyl more closely, I have been amazed how advanced they were these guys. 
The album is very vindictive and is packed with psychedelic sounds, but simply, without abusing them, is curious that not abuse the notes live, they get the groups over the years and are holding the emotional feeling , after a clean and powerful sound. His melodies are very advanced for the time sounded. From my point of view is an eclectic vinyl, in which various styles, such as rock blues mix, without envying the very same Bob Dylan, as in the song entitled Nazarín Again and if you do not believe, pinchad and oídla. 
And all this without losing a thread that is progressive rock that makes bed where rests the whole work…… 


“Smash” is the onomatopoeia of the sound of a blow. simple, catchy and effective name thought by Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo for the groundbreaking musical combo that has existed in the Sevillian capital. 

To understand the origin of this curious group must go back to the concerts that were held at the Club Ye Ye, where he played a quartet formed by Carlos Fernandez voice, Miguel Lobato on guitar, Julio Matito on bass and Antonio Samuel Rodriguez to battery. They called Foren Dhaf, name without any language translation or meaning. 

These young people found that their performances appeared and disappeared a mysterious type of black dress. After several concerts came in contact with him; was Gualberto Garcia. 

Two components of Foren Dhaf (July and Antonio) join Gualberto to make a new project as a trio. Hence the embryo of future Smash emerged. 

This trio started its activity in 1967, although it was actually in 1968 when it became known in the Spanish underground environment. 

Invited to participate in a contest of rock in the Campo de Gibraltar, match another group located in Jerez de la Frontera called The Solos. Among them was the peculiar Danish musician Henrik, who commented their concerns, joining the Smash project. 

Smash concerts both in Seville and in other locations, they began to be very recognized, creating great excitement by offering musical creativity on stage. 

Those first public recognition quickly paid off with the release of their first albums (four singles and an EP between 1969 and 1970) to reach his first LP. 

Both “Glorieta de los lotos” (1970) and “We come to smash this time” (1971) were sung entirely in English except for small fragments in Castilian. They were innovative and ahead of their time records. They contained an amazing musical amalgam which fit everything (blues, rock, folk, psychedelia …). 

After several years of hard roll for endless places and grab the attention of music critics of our country, the group renewed its sound at the end of 1971, produced by Alain Milhaud, integrating the singer and flamenco guitarist Manuel Molina ( member after the duo Lole y Manuel). 

The single “The garrotín” built on the flamenco of the same name, with lyrics in Castilian and English, was a huge commercial success. The group explored this new path on several songs, which were collected in 1978 as side A of the LP “Vanguard and pure flamenco” (whose face B Agujetas presented the singer with guitarist Manolo Sanlúcar. 

The aesthetic vision of the group was always very peculiar, given the high personality of each of its components. This mixture of characters, ways of seeing things and thus interpret the music was what made this the most peculiar group of our country, marking history and breaking canons. 

They were young rebels and undisciplined, but great artists when they climbed to the stage. So they were applauded by crowds in Seville, Madrid, Barcelona and endless places where waiting as the best rock band of the moment. 

His flirtations with flamenco ( “Behind the stars”), its sharp guitars ( “One hopeless whisper”), its Andalusian blues ( “Light blood, dark bleeding”), its continued ability to improvise ( “Sitting on the truth”) and surprise(“Glorieta de los lotos”) turned them into unique and unrepeatable. 

The group disbanded in 1973. Years later the early death of its charismatic component, Julio Matito, who left us solo single “Waking” (1974) and the LP “Health” (1976) occurs. In 1979 his colleagues decide to meet to dedicate an affectionate tribute live with great popular support. 

Gualberto continued exploring the fusion of rock with Indian music and flamenco with an intense musical work of high level, Antonio (Antoñito Smash) has collaborated with other artists such as Goma, Pata Negra, Silvio and Lucifer and Kiko Veneno, with work also solo, while Henrik returned to his native country and Molina began his career with Lole Montoya. 

Since 2003 the band has met in special occasions to celebrate his legacy with major concerts such as those offered at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla. 

Today, everyone agrees that without the existence of Smash music developed in Andalusia would not have been the same. They scored styles and trends, something that only manage to make great artists. They were so amply. …… 

Forever walking 
Light blood, dark bleeding 
Free as the green little men 
Tove and all that 
It’s only nothing 
Glorieta de los lotos 
Nazarin again 
Love millonaire 
Sitting on the truth 
Rock and roll 

1970- Glorieta de los Lotos 
1971- Esta Vez Venimos A Golpear 
1978- Vanguardia Y Pureza Del Flamenco 

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