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4 Sep 2016

Soho Orange “Soho Orange” 1971 Scotland Heavy Psych

Soho Orange “Soho Orange” 1971 Scotland Heavy Psych 


A lot of mystery revolves around this one. I’ve read quite a bit about them, however I’ve only foundthe same little bits of knowledge. The band hailed from Glasgow, and played some truly sweltering heavy prog/psych. Just a quick google search will find you a number of reviews, so I’ll spare you mine, except for the fact that I think it rips. The tapes for this album, were found, apparently in a shed in the ‘80’s, and released on a label (on CD) called “Witch and Warlock.” The band recorded this demo material in '71. Shortly after the band reformed under a different name and their manager, a wealthy Scottish business man moved the band to London around '74, where they recorded another demo, which remains missing.Here is the link to a blog where the album was featured, and the members of Soho Orange contact the auther in the comments section and fill in some of the gaps of the history of this awesome band. …. 

The best band among those who recorded for Jim West; they hailed from Glasgow and wove psychedelic textures rent by hardblues riffs played with punk aptitude. Collectors’ initiative dug out of the vaults this submerged jewel originally taped at Central Scotland Studios, Falkirk in 1971. 

1. King of the Road - 5:46 
2. Mississippi Tales / The Wish - Tears - 10:22 
3. Freedom Callin - 5:40 
4. Dream Queen - 5:28 
5. Nightmare - 6:00 
6. Seven Faces - 6:14 

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