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15 Sep 2016

Sound Experience “Boogie Woogie “1975 US Soul Funk

Sound Experience “ Boogie Woogie “1975 US Soul Funk
Here is a wicked funky soul boogie lp which has some classic breaks which have been sampled by a lot of artists. Uptempo drum breaks funky beats with persussion and wah wah. Crazy samples and perfect club dj mayhem. About 3 dope tunes which are perfect for all funk and breaks lovers. Also you don’t seem to see this lp around at all now days. …. 

“Sound experience had already recorded one LP by the time this collection of songs came out. That LP, entitled “Don’t Fight The Feeling”, is already available on Funk My Soul for your listening pleasure here, complete with extensive biography courtesy of Nikos. The LP was a stylish bag of straight funk, Philly groovers and couple of tasty ballads, with lead vocalist Arthur Grant dominating proceedings and proving Sound Experience to be an essential listening experience. For its follow-up, Stan Watson resumes production duties in the famed Sigma Studios of Philly PA, as well as co-writing all tracks. The approach this time around is a little more raw, a little less polished, focussing more on chants rather than lead vocals. We are treated to only 6 tracks, consisting predominantly of epic jammers to work that boogie body. 

The good ship ‘Boogie Woogie’ is launched with a novelty intro, before succumbing to a wicked, chugging spar between Rhodes and Rhythm Guitar, not dissimilar to the Chi-Lites ‘I found sunshine’. However the similarity ends there as this kicks up a funky storm filled with nice jazz flirtations and nonchalant, meaningful chants of the title. The next track has a honky tonk piano forming the basis of another funk attack, this time borrowing some licks from Billy Preston. You can definitely see the audience being worked into a chanting frenzy of ‘Sha Na Na Na Boom Boom’ – who is their lyricist, Nikos ? When I come to think of it, weren’t those the first words I ever uttered as a baby ? ‘He’s looking good’ has the first semblance of a tune, but only just. Funk is still the main dish of the day with the virtues of the ladies man and short but sweet guitar and sax solos being the main ingredients. And that concludes Side One, folks. 

Time to turn over the platter, carefully place over the central spoke of the turntable, surgically clean, and delicately replace the pick-up. Woah !! Is this the same record ? I’ve heard of instances where the vinyl had been pressed with two different albums, and this would be one occasion to instil such concerns. Strings ? Brass section ? A lead vocal ? And a tune. This is Philly bump all the way. A total transformation and a delightful joy. It then moves into a funky groove, effectively and effortlessly splitting the track into undisclosed Parts 1 and 2. This more naturally progresses to the funk and roll of ‘Where has your love gone’, a down dirty grinder that The Bar-Kays were churning out in similar style. This one definitely proved that its difficult to do the bump and type a review at the same time !! Fandabidoozie !! Then we have the star of the show. And believe me, it was worth the wait. Whether it was the dramatic change in tempo from all that had gone, like watching the sun setting with the one you love after a glorious and eventful day. But this one really got its hooks into me. Big time. A wallowing epic of the pain of a love lost, this showcases what a fine lead singer the group had, and the change in tempo three-quarters of the way through to a bristling sign-off of ‘He don’t love you’ is perfect. A stone killer. 

Personally, this LP would become a bit like the circling moon – I would only get see one side. Side Two is simply so much superior. However, for 18 minutes of a party hardy good time, Side One does not disappoint at all. You takes your choice. “ 

A1. Boogie Woogie 6.26 
A2. Sha Na Na Na Boom Boom 7.16 
A3. He’s Looking Good and Mooving Fast 4.03 
B1. Got To Keep On The Move 4.56 
B2. Where Has Your Love Gone 3.08 
B3. He Don’t Really Love You 8.12 

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