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27 Sep 2016

Stone Alliance “Stone Alliance”1976 US Jazz Funk,Jazz

Stone Alliance  “Stone Alliance”1976 US Jazz Funk,Jazz
“Thank you for providing the great music of Stone Alliance for all of us - both by creating it and by distributing it over the ‘Net. I know there are many of us who enjoy Stone Alliance.” 
- K.F., San Francisco
“I gotta tell you, the recordings you did with Jan Hammer and Grossman and Stone Alliance where so mind blowing for me growing up. For a while it was you guys morning, noon and night… also the record with Hammer and Elvin.. shit that was a MF… THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GREAT MUSIC! 
- Bob Franceschini
"Steve, Gene Perla and ” Lungs"..some badazz stuff.“ 
- Tim Price
"The electric bass you played with Stone Alliance was sick. Way ahead of its time. Thanks for all you do!” 
- Les Buxton

For me this record is really kind of a “bible!” 
Nikolaos Afenftulidis
This is an album of great virtuosity which I believe would be enjoyed even by the most vociferous detractor from so-called “new” directions in music. The attributes of these men need no elaboration here. This is adventurous, exciting, innovative and accessible, all at the same time. 
Dionizy Fiatkowski, Music Radio Programm 
Drums, Congas, Bongos, Bells – Don Alias 
Electric Bass, Piano, Producer – Gene Perla 
Tenor Saxophone – Steve Grossman 

A1. Vaya Mulatto 5:40
A2. King Tut 6:40
A3. Duet 5:30

B1. Sweetie-Pie 4:23
B2. Creepin’ 5:10
B3. Samba De Negro 4:52

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..