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26 Sep 2016

Temple Sun “Megapolis” 2016 French Prog/Jazz/ recordings 1976-1978 released in 500 copies by Cameleon Records

Temple Sun “Megapolis” 2016  French  Prog/Jazz/ recordings 1976-1978 released  in 500 copies by Cameleon Records…recommended..!
This band from South France released a unique single on the Kiosque D'Orphe label in 1979. They did concerts with Magma, Ange and Wapasou a.o. Here is the band’s LP with songs and improvisations recorded in the period 1976-1979, now issued in an edition of 500 copies. 
Sun Temple is a French band from the Toulon region. Formed in 1971 by a saxophonist and two drummers the band decided after a few months of rehearsals to add a bassist and a guitarist to expand his music. This is based among other SANTANA and SOFT MACHINE melee with free jazz improvisation eyeing JOHN COLTRANE side and MILES DAVIS. They recruit an organist, continue to repeat, and after numerous personnel changes give their first concert in Chateauvallon in June 1974 and with WAPASSOU the same year. Chateauvallon The festival was created in 1972 and beyond international headliners such as PAUL McCARTNEY or SOFT MACHINE welcomes the regional scene composed at this time of STYLL, Jadis, HONEY DREAM, OPAL, CDS, Danae and many others. They participate in 1976 in Ceret Festival and Rock On Here tour organized by the magazine and the Best Crypto label with ANGEL, CARPE DIEM … There followed concerts throughout the southern region as La Valette, Toulon, Cannes Mandelieu , Les Arcs, Draguignan and Marseille 
They will work the same year for a documentary of 45 minutes on this city named “Megapolis Micropoles” from which are drawn a few titles on this new album. In 1979 come out on D'Orfeo label Kiosk self-produced a 45t with the titles “Brazilia Express” and “Voyage of No Return”, discography only trace of this unique and unknown group. This album that you hold in your hands summarizes a career of nearly 10 years, with titles of found documentary including 2 different versions of “Brazilia Express” and “Voyage of No Return” but also “turns” and “Osmosis” extras on a cassette entitled “Violin and Battery” recorded live and unprecedented. Many other musicians have gone in training in the mid 70s as Bernaoui Acen on electric guitar, François Peretti on bass and Thierry Perez on drums. TEMPLE SUN will play in the first part of MAGMA July 21, 1977 in Frejus with Didier Malherbe and Bernard Lavilliers….
1. Brazilia Express (Version 1976)
2. Virages (Live 1978)
3. Osmose (Live 1978)

1. Megapolis (1976)
2. Voyage Sans Retour (Version 1976)
3. Climats (1976)
4. Méditérranée (1976)
5. Quartiers Nord (1976)
6. Saudade (1976) 

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