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10 Sep 2016

The Beginning Of The End " Funky Nassau" 1971 US Funk Soul Jazz a true classic

The Beginning Of The End  " Funky Nassau" 1971 US Funk Soul Jazz a true classic..highly recommended…..!!
Thirty years after its maiden voyage, Funky Nassau sails again on a digitally remastered CD. Their number 15 pop smash “Funky Nassau Part 1 & 2” is the cream of this hands-on production by the Bahamas natives. The nine cuts fuses island rhythms and American jazz/funk into a doable, choppy mixture featuring guitars, bass, drums, and scratch vocals. Misclassified as a disco band, the Beginning of the End served up breezy Phil Upchurch-esque sounds, with “Come Down” and “Surrey Ride” being prime examples….by allmusic…… 
This album is a true classic, an absolutely perfect blending of soul, calypso, funk, salsa and afro beat that is impossible not to stay still while listening to! It will always put a smile on your face and is constantly entertaining throughout. This album is heavily sampled in hip hop, for good reason! 

A must have, brothers! Still sounds fresh! Read below the reviews and get it at once!….. 

A monster bit of funk that’s unlike anything else we can think of! Beginning Of The End hailed from The Bahamas, but don’t hold that against them because instead of being a Caribbean cliche, they took the best part of the island rhythms, and used them to forge an incredible approach to funk! They’ve got a choppy sound that’s the result of some incredibly dexterous guitar, bass, and drums and which you’ll recognize instantly from their one-time hit “Funky Nassau”, a killer funk track that never gets old, no matter how many bands cover it over the years! That gem kicks off the album, which then rolls into the monster funky “part 2”, which is even better! Other titles are equally wonderful and include “Come Down”, “Surrey Ride”, “Monkey Tamarind”, and “In The Deep”. Essential and one that you’ll be spinning for years! (Dusty Groove)……. 

First off, the album is along the lines of 70’s James Brown, War, etc, etc… It’s neat to hear how funk influenced music all over the world (I immediately think of Fela Kuti), and this album doesn’t disappoint. Every track is invocative of funk music, with plenty of brass, nice guitar solos, and I especially enjoyed the lead singer – he has an undeniable Caribbean accent, but it just adds to the uniqueness of the sound. I totally recommend this album to any fan of the JBs, the Meters, and the list could go on and on……. 

You know, i thought at first when i heard FUNKY NASSAU that this was gonna be one of those albums where the song released (of course, they are considered “one hit wonders”.) is the first cut and the rest of the album just plain sucks!!!! i have never been so happy to be wrong in my whole unfulfilled LIFE!!!!! this is the type of funkiness that i have dreamt about for the vast majority of my life!!!! ESSENTIAL BOMPALICIOUSNESS!!!! if you like that raw HUMMAFUNK, then you will enjoy this immensely……. 

Raphael “Ray” Munnings (órgão e vocal), Liroy “Roy” Munnings (guitarra e vocais), Frank “Bud” Munnings (bateria, congas e vocais) e Fred Henfield (baixo), além dos sopros à cargo de Kenneth Lane (sax tenor), Ralph Munnings (sax tenor), Freddie Munnings (clarinete), Vernon Mueller (trombone) e Neville Sampson (trompete). 


1 Funky Nassau (Part 1) (3:10) 
2 Funky Nassau (Part 2) (3:20) 
3 Come Down (2:20) 
4 Sleep On Dream On (3:00) 
5 Surrey Ride (4:29) 
6 Monkey Tamarind (3:10) 
7 In The Deep (4:50) 
8 Pretty Girl (4:52) 
9 When She Made Me Promise (4:11) 

Funky Nassau (Alston Records 1971 / Atlantic Records 1974) 
Beginning Of The End (Alston Records 1976) 

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