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4 Sep 2016

The Damnation of Adam Blessing “The Damnation of Adam Blessing” 1969 US Psych Rock debut album

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The Damnation of Adam Blessing “The Damnation of Adam Blessing” 1969 US Psych Rock debut album 


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Cleveland acid rock combo the Damnation of Adam Blessing was formed in 1968 from the ashes of a pair of local garage bands, the Society and Dust; led by frontman Adam Blessing (Bill Constable), the group also included guitaristsJim Quinn and Bob Kalamasz, bassist Ray Benich, and drummer Bill Schwark. After months of relentless local gigging – often as the opener for hometown heroes the James Gang – the Damnation of Adam Blessing signed to United Artists and issued their self-titled debut LP in 1969, followed by a tour in support of the Faces. Second Damnation followed a year later, generating the minor hit “Back to the River”; with their third album, 1971’s Which Is Justice, Which Is the Thief, Schwark was replaced by Blessing’s drummer brother Ken Constable. In 1973, the group renamed itself Glory, releasing a self-titled LP on the UA subsidiary Avalanche before disbanding. The Italian reissue imprint Akarma re-released all of the Damnation of Adam Blessing’s albums in the early to mid-2000s as either straight-up re-releases or with additional bonus tracks. The label even released a reissue of the obscure Glory album and offered deluxe vinyl pressings of most of the CDs as well…. 

… who were “far ahead of their time” and are now receiving growing critical acclaim — by those in the know – 35 years after the bands demise. This lavishly produced cd –The Damnation of Adam Blessing is considered their best albumn out of 4 produced from 1969-1972 – but they are all heads over heels when compared to a lot of current “big name” staples of classic rock radio. DOAB recently played in Cleveland and Akron on April 27-28th (only the second time in 35 years!!!). Cookbook, Lonely, You Don’t Love Me, PLUS a stunning version of the late Tim Rose penned classic “Morning Dew” shows that DOAB is one of the Great-great bands of ANY era. 

On top of the recorded tracks – 2 bonus tracks are included. Hands down – “Floatin” was a show stopper back in the day –one of the all time enduring jams – and it remains so for this legendary band. In sum – buy this albumn and “take a technicolor daydream, and let your mind and soul unwind…… 

Adam Blessing - Lead Vocals 
Ray Benich - Bass Guitar 
Kenny Constable - Lead & Supporting Vocals 
Jimmy Quinn - Rhythm Guitar - Supporting Vocals 
Bobby Kalamasz - Lead Guitar - Supporting Vocals 
Billy Schwark - Drums - Percussion 

1. Cookbook 
2. Morning Dew 
3. Le’ Voyage 
4. You Don’t Love Me 
5. Strings and Things 
6. Last Train to Clarksville 
7. Dreams 
8. Hold On 
9. Lonely 

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