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8 Sep 2016

The Sterling Cooke Force ‎ “Full Force” US 1984 Hard Rock Heavy metal

The Sterling Cooke Force ‎ “Full Force”  US 1984 Hard Rock Heavy metal
This album was recorded in England with metal-meister/producer Darryl Johnston. The album has an obvious Hendrix influence to it. 
Since I've been on a roll with obscure hard rock acts, no list of true obscurities would be complete without Pennsylvania's Sterling Cooke Force. Signed briefly to the UK's Ebony Records, their debut "Full Force" was released in 1984. As fate would have it, lablemates Grim Reaper were already making waves in the industry and the small staff at Ebony focused all of their attention on moving them to the next level. Consequently, this meant "Full Force" received very little promotion and airplay. Within a year or so, the band was already without a label and struggling to make a dent in the American scene. An indie released follow up album did little to improve the situation and the band ceased to exist by the late 80's.
Years later, Sterling Cooke (Koch) would embark on a solo career, recording and releasing his own instrumental records. He also became a born-again christian and his newfound faith would permeate his work from that point onward. Though the album is nothing to get terribly excited about, it is a tightly performed exercise in bluesy hard rock that touches on Jimi Hendrix in places. I urge hard rock fans to download and come to your own conclusions. ......
Sterling Cooke (Sterling Koch) - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Dutz - Bass
Albie Coccio - Drums 
A1. Hit And Run 3:35
A2. I Can't Stand It 4:21
A3. She's Gonna Get You 4:33
A4. Makin' My Way 3:54

B1. Ain't Wastin' My Time 3:38
B2. Got Enough Love 3:55
B3. Don't Need You Anymore 3:29
B4. Killing Time 4:11
B5. Going Home 3:29 

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