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3 Sep 2016

Tømrerclaus “Tømrerclaus” 1978 Danish Prog Rock

Tømrerclaus “Tømrerclaus” 1978 Danish Prog Rock


Tormrerclaus is an album that stands out above all by the use of violins and cellos electrified in a rock base that gives a touch of originality and a plus in performing songs bluesy / rock. 
Some outstanding as this…… 

Claus Clement Pedersen, aka Tømrerclaus, decided to do something different to the usual rock guitarist routine and moved to Christiania (in Copenhagen) in 1975. This was a largely self-governed area that, since the late sixties, has been a refuge for hippies, artists and various freaks. The result was a privately recorded and released album and two cassettes, ‘Snydt’ (1977) and ‘Hepar’ (1978). All of them contained hilarious tracks based on demented fuzz guitar and even some on fuzz cello (the album contained the best material though)! The only comparisons might be Oliver’s album ‘Standing Stone’, a British private release, or a brain damaged, one-man-band version of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. All lyrics were in Danish. Great fun and completely unpretentious! ……. 

Claus Clement Pedersen, called TømrerClaus and is best known under this name, (born 21 November 1945 in Aarhus) is guitarist, cellist, bassist, klarinettist, singer, hurdy-gurdy player, producer, sound engineer and net-shop manager. Carpentry Claus began playing at the age of 12. In 1965 he came with the guitar in barbed band The Dodgers. In 1968 he formed the band “Fire”, a trio which include Hendrix played tracks. Later in 1969 formed TømrerClaus band “fjord” who played jazz-rock, which at the time was relatively new. In the spring of 1970 took TømrerClaus to Frøstrup camp in Thy, for craftsman to help prepare the camp for hippies took later in the summer…… 

Sometimes you get the most vague records sent as reviewer. This album Tømrerclaus example. Actually, he called Clement Claus Pedersen and he is a Danish multi-instrumentalist (guitar, cello, bass, clarinet, hurdy gurdy) located in the seventies stopped in the hippie commune Thylejren. After that he moved to Copenhagen in order to start the Karma Music label and an eponymous studio. From that period are the recordings on this rerelease. This is ozijn only solo album from the last century, namely from 1978. Remarkably, he’s only full-time musician since 2002, after years been especially engineer to be. This does not mean that it has been idle, because on his site as many as 24 names of bands that he played. Not that I knew one of them. On this album are all sung in Danish - and not always convincing - and leans the guitar often heavily on Jimi Hendrix. Concerning the latter he does me good moments reminiscent of the early work of my guitar hero Frank Marino, for example, in “Forvalterdrengen”. Well not all is a copy of Hendrix, because Tømrerclaus also plays cello and knows there with a bucket deformation something out of what is closest to shred on a slide guitar. Just listen to “Cello Karma”. However, most especially psychedelic rock, with lots of wah-wah. Twelve relatively short tracks in association just 39 minutes Tømrerclaus. You hear that he indeed can play guitar, but you also hear it sing er … is not his strong point. Given his hippie background texts will have solid content, but yes, my Danish is not very good, so to speak. The sound quality is typical ‘seventies with the tape recorder in the bedroom. “ All in all, about half of the songs might be interesting for people who have experienced themselves the hippie era. This Tømrerclaus is still mostly a curiosity……….. 

As can be read on these sites existed in Denmark 70s apparently no bigger prog scene that produced consistently high-class music. Against this background, probably in 1978 released debut album Tømrerclaus to see that a CD rerelease experiencing this year Transubstans Records. Tømrerclaus was the pseudonym of guitarist Claus Pedersen Clement, who first played the late 60s in various beat bands of Copenhagen and his eponymous project until 1976 brought into being. 

The music on the self-titled debut album is in fact failed quite diverse, with this adjective with the always positive connotations "versatile” or is not synonymous “varied”. The rock'n'roll background of Pedersen noted in this connection on many pieces. This category includes some of scratchy Boogie “variety Mand” that something contemporary Santana reminiscent “En Dag Da Jeg Lå I airing” and “Sådan He Den Altid” or “Mr Fantastic” and “Forvalterdrengen” with their Rolling Stones-like tamping rhythm at. Here, however, these numbers seem curiously rather sketchy and goes back to lack of construction monotony wanted what always somehow reminds me of Aphrodite’s Child. 

In between, however, find some different oriented pieces that make the given Releases term “progressive rock” a lot more affordable. So does the mysterious voted “Når Spindelvævene Blomstrer” (apparently with a lady named “Boline” on vocals), the generally well-minted only on 90-things like Änglagård or Landberk verdict from romantic melancholy Scandinavian Prog anticipated. Not quite as sweetly arranged yet similarly opened are “pinches For At Ryge Cigar” and “Kannibalerne Kommer”, and the short instrumentals “Dauu” and go “Koda He Nedtur” as astreine Wishbone Ash-bows to. 

falls completely out of the ordinary “Cello Karma”: An electrically amplified cello is used here for rugby freeform orgy between rock and folk, what happens after all good 20 years before the first successes of Apocalyptica. Nevertheless, here the sound is not only reminiscent of something that was known until much later, but also to various ebensau ELO stuff. Also the closing “Jeg Vil happy Standses” is on this album is unique, it strives but diverse breakfast-psychedelia-set pieces, which are known for example from Jefferson Airplane and similar bands. 

Nevertheless, a significant restriction must also be made to these pieces yet: The above made “sketchy” -Vorwurf applies here, and generally can be in the face of consistently short numbers determine that the Tømrerclaus album is less in Prog home, but in Protoprog. And, well, for this proto-genre came the plate then probably a good ten years too late. Well, honestly speaking, the label information related to this board actually Jimi Hendrix and “heavy psychedelia and mushroom melodies”, but oh well, for a consistently good record (or just a true classic) that is here offered a bit too little , As a pure time travel works “Tømrerclaus” much better…… 

racks Listing: 
01 - Sorte Mand 4:44 
02 - NЖr SpindelvСvene Blomstrer 4:01 
03 - Forvalterdrengen 3:20 
04 - Prisen For At Ryge Cigar 3:25 
05 - Cellokarma 4:13 

06 - Kanibalerne Kommer 2:53 
07 - En Dag Da Jeg LЖ I Luften 3:17 
08 - Mr. Fantastic 2:01 
09 - Dauu 2:03 
10 - SЖdan Er Den Altid 3:49 
11 - Koda Er Nedtur 2:11 
12 - Jeg Vil Gerne Standses 3:02 
13 - Hepar 2:2214 - GrЫnbenet RЫrhЫne 2:37 
15 - HЫnserock 2:54 
16 - En Lille Stue 1:45 
17 - LЫvesang 3:54 
18 - Supersound 2:20 
19 - Gamle Skygger 1:36 
20 - Guitarstorm 2:16 

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