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12 Sep 2016

Tommy Stewart “Tommy Stewart” 1976 US Soul Funk Disco

Tommy Stewart  “Tommy Stewart” 1976 US  excellent  Soul Funk Disco
It’s almost impossible to keep a straight face while listening to this album, but then, you really shouldn’t have to try. It’s a document of one of pop music’s most simultaneously embarrassing and glorious periods – the High Disco Era – when all pretense of lyrical sophistication was abandoned in favor of occasional interjections of “Hey! Get down! Get off your seats and jam!” (a direct quote from this album), every guitar had a wah-wah pedal, and prestige was measured in the size of your horn and string sections. Now this stuff is called “rare groove,” and it’s at least as much fun now as it was then, maybe more so. Tommy Stewart, king of the legendary Abraxas label, recorded this album back when this candy-covered funk was the happening thing; and it includes, among other classics of the genre, the deathless “Bump and Hustle Music,” along with the sexy-kitschy “Fulton County Line,” and the charming “Practice What You Preach.” The unison voices-and-strings on “Make Happy Music” were a bad, bad idea, but “Riding High” makes up for it by sounding like an airline advertisement circa 1976. A party classic…by allmusic…. 

Funky genius from the Hotlanta scene of the 70s – the one and only album recorded by Tommy Stewart, a huge force in some of the greatest club tracks of the south, including the massive Spirit Of Atlanta album! The record’s a stone winner all the way through – filled with upbeat, uptempotracks that really bring some funk into the dancefloor. The rhythms are tremendous – all very catchy and snapping, with a groove that goes way past the usual disco record, and which has made the album as much of a favorite amongst funk fans as it has for fans of classic club. 

Stewart is known for his classic super funky disco productions on the Abraxas label, and he created some of the scariest and highly sought after disco records of all time. This self-titled rare groove album, includes the essential party classic, “Bump And Hustle Music“, with a dope bass line and percussion, plus a killer vocal hook. Also included are the lesser known gems, “Riding High” and “The Fulton County Line“. For fans of the Headhunters, Roy Ayers, Faze-O, and Mighty Ryeders…. 

This is a proper disco album full of soulful funk influences and not all the overproduced silliness that would cripple the genre in the latter part of the ’70s. This album has the long sought after gem “Bump & Hustle Music” on it. According to the liner notes this tune was just a jam they put down after a few drinks when they were packing-up the studio. They added Hot Buttered Soul on the vocals, and bob’s your uncle, they had made possibly one of the finest groovers out there. This isn’t a one track album though; the whole thing is a funk-disco wonder. Thanks to the very considerate Luv N’ Haight for reissuing it, so normal people like us can now afford to buy it…… 

A1 Fulton County Line 4:50 
A2 Practice What You Preach 4:55 
A3 Bump and Hustle Music 5:02 
A4 Get Off Your Seats 4:30 
B1 Make Happy Music 3:49 
B2 Atlanta Get Down 5:00 
B3 Riding High 5:20 
B4 Disco Hop 3:52 

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