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15 Nov 2016

Alexander’s Timeless “Bloozband” 1967 US Blues Rock

Alexander’s Timeless “Bloozband” 1967 US Blues Rock   
 Alexander’s Timeless Bloozband formed in 1967 in San Diego, CA, formed by Charles Lamont, Carl Lockhart and Larry Marks. 

They released a couple of LPs that featured a basic blues style with a strong psychedelic influence on many of the tracks. It’s worth pointing out a number of songs featured a typical pop-psychedelic orchestration style of the day.[1] 

This Californian quintet gigged alongside many of the biggest names of the late ‘60s, including The Grateful Dead, Buffalo Springfield, and Canned Heat, but made little commercial impression themselves………. 


Charles Lamont - Bass Guitar, French Horn , Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards 
Carl Lockhart - Alto saxophone, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals 
Larry Marks - Harmonica, Tambourine, Vocals 


Spencer Conway - Drums 
Dennis Geaney - Bass Guitar, Drums 


Alexander’s Timeless Bloozsband (1967) 
For Sale (1968) 

Singles & EPs 

Love So Strong / Horn Song (Dec, 1967) 
Power of Your Love / Maybe Baby (1967) 

A1 Help Me 5:25 
A2 Killing Floor 3:00 
A3 Guitar Song 2:55 
A4 Favorite Things 5:20 
B1 Sloppy Drunk 4:08 
B2 #1 5:00 
B3 Swannoa Tunnel 2:30 
B4 Sweet Little Angel 2:30

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