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13 Nov 2016

Anonymous “Inside The Shadow” 1976 US Indianapolis mega rare & excellent Private Psych Rock..masterpiece

Anonymous “Inside The Shadow” 1976 US Indianapolis  mega rare & excellent Private Psych Rock..masterpiece….highly recommended….!
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Although these albums were made by an all-but-unknown Indianapolis band in the latter half of the 1970s, Inside the Shadow and No Longer Anonymous are prime '60s-style psychedelia that stands up to many of the genre's better-known releases. 

The songs on 1976's Inside the Shadow, built around Marsha Rollings' lovely voice and Ron Matelic's heavily Byrds-influenced guitar (the ultra-jangly "Pick Up and Run" could be an outtake from 5D), are an impressive lot, with a stronger sense of melody and structure than the aimless jamming that typifies so many psychedelic albums. 

Matelic's songs are determinedly on the poppy end of psychedelia, with catchy choruses, soaring harmonies, and plenty of hooky instrumental riffs to keep the listener's attention. Even the nine-minute "Baby Come Risin'," with its extended jam middle section, sounds more composed than one would expect. 

No Longer Anonymous was recorded in 1977 by a revised lineup of the band -- Rollings, unfortunately, is gone, and the new version of Inside the Shadow's high point "We Got More" shows how much she's missed -- and originally released under the name J. Rider. Matelic's liner notes claim that this album was originally intended as a demo tape of the group's most commercial songs. 

Indeed, this is a more determinedly rock-oriented affair. Despite the reissue's flaws, this CD is the best (not to mention least expensive) way to hear these two largely unknown but eminently worthwhile albums. 
by Stewart Mason..........

“Close to the perfect album; each element has been drawn from the best possible source, yet somehow Ron Matelic manages to fuse these massive building blocks into personal, deeply human music.” – Patrick Lundborg, THE ACID ARCHIVES

Originally released in 1976 in an edition of 300 copies, the sole album by Indianapolis’ ANONYMOUS stands today as a high-water mark in rock ‘n’ roll, combining the adventure of west coast ballroom groups, the 12-string majesty of Byrds, and breathtaking multi-part harmonies to forge something inimitable and one-of-a-kind, with powerful songs that pushed the limit and raised the bar at the same time. Long time top ten favorite with almost every head we know, a true classic recommended for everyone into amazing rock records of all varieties..............

Anonymous's only LP from 1976 is considered as one of the rarest albums of the US psychedelic rock. The original pressing is highly valuable and extremely hard to find nowadays. Musically this album isn't anything very special. When I first gave this album a try I expected quite much from it. The album is a decent totality but I would never call it as a masterpiece of this genre. I'm a huge fan of psych rock and while this album is listenable I have never liked it that much.

The album is filled with three stars material which means that this is a pretty balanced package from the start to the finish. None of the songs stands out as a highlight and none of them sucks either. If you're thinking about giving this album a listen I highly suggest that you won't set your expectations too high. A pretty OK collection of songs but nothing

Haunting 1976 private press cult classic that embodies all of the beauty that you hope to find on every obscure vintage hippie folk-rock LP that you buy for $1 from Goodwill just because you like the band's name, their song titles, or the pretty girl on the sleeve with sunlight in her hair. Each song here is a candlelit room scented with pot smoke that wafts through beaded curtains. It's the kind of atmospheric music that a generation of babies should have been conceived to as it spun on turntables and played on 8-track tape decks in every longhair's love shack. Instead, it was originally pressed in an unjust 300 copies and was totally unknown. It's pop music, finely crafted and beautifully played, with a splash of progressive rock in its brew of crisp melodies, graceful harmonies, and lots and lots of guitar. Many writers reference The Byrds here and, while I agree with that, I'm most reminded of the dreamy (and deeply underrated) Bob Welch-era Fleetwood Mac.

The 2013 vinyl reissue on Machu Picchu is a prize. It brings a tasteful remastering job from Warren Defever that sparkles in '76 amber. The sleeve is in the always likable tip-on format and comes with a USA variation on an Obi strip. Aaron Milenski writes some nice liner notes that I think I successfully avoided plagiarizing for this ......

A somewhat mysterious but eminently worthwhile quartet from Indianapolis, IN, Anonymous was active in the mid- to late '70s but sounded like they came from a decade earlier. The group's acknowledged antecedents were the Beatles and the Byrds, but from such familiar trappings, Anonymous created a richly textured version of classic psychedelia that both adheres to and ignores the common precepts of the genre. The mellow, wide-ranging but never aimless results sound like a cross between a far more structured version of Quicksilver Messenger Service and an American equivalent of the fluid, jazz-tinged progressive rock of Curved Air.
This is a superb album of melodic guitar driven rock which blends exquisitely with Marsha's vocals on tracks like J Rider, Up To You, Pick Up And Run and Baby Come Risin', which is probably the album's finest moment. If you like ringing guitar work and harmonic vocals, this album is for you.......

One of the most beautiful albums I've recently encountered!.......

*Ron Matelic - Vocals, Electric, Acoustic, 12string Guitars
*Marsha Rollings - Vocals
*Glenn Weaver - Vocals, Bass, Electric, Acoustic Guitars
*John Medvescek - Percussion

A1. Who's Been Foolin'? (3:18)
A2. J Rider (4:35)
A3. Up to You (3:23)
A4. Shadow Lay (6:10)
B1. Pick Up and Run (5:09)
B2. We Got More (5:16)
B3. Sweet Lilac (4:29)
B4. Baby Come Risin' (9:24)

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