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16 Nov 2016

Banchee ” Banchee” 1969 US Psych Rock

Banchee ” Banchee” 1969 US Psych Rock
Signed by Atlantic, their 1969 debut “Banchee” teamed the quartet (former Peepl singer/guitarist Peter Alongi, drummer Victor Digilio, rhythm guitarist Jose Miguel deJesus, and bassist Michael Marino) with producers Warren Schatz and Stephen Schlaks. Like much late-1960s product the debut displayed some psych influences (the leadoff, mid tempo number ‘The Night Is Calling’ has a distinctively trippy feel to it), but the predominant sound was heavy, guitar-powered rock. With all four members contributing material, original numbers such as 'Beautifully Day’ (sic), the fuzz guitar-propelled 'Evolmia’, 'I Just Don’t Know’ and the extended 'Tom’s Island’ offered up a series of high energy guitar powered rockers that were both tuneful and structural interesting. That said, the album was surprisingly diverse. 'Train of Life’ sounding like a post-Monkees Mike Nesmith after a week of heavy speed usage, 'Hands of a Clock’ had a pseudo-jazzy feel, while the Latin-tinged 'As Me Thinks’ recalled early-Santana. Overlooking DiGillo’s pompous back cover liner notes, it’s a surprisingly enjoyable and not particularly difficult to find debut … (Original copies include a separate lyric insert.) 

There’s also a single off of the LP: 1970’s 'I Just Don’t Know’ b/w 'Train Of Life’ (Atlantic catalog number 45-2708) …….. 

*Peter Alongi - Vocals, Lead Guitar 
*Victor Digilio - Drums, Percussion 
*Jose 'Joey’ Miguel DeJesus - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar 
*Michael Marino - Vocals, Bass 

Banchee 1969 
1. The Night Is Calling (Peter Alongi) - 3:27 
2. Train of Life (Michael Marino) - 3:18 
3. As Me Thinks - 3:05 
4. Follow a Dream - 4:21 
5. Beautifully Day (Peter Alongi) - 5:07 
6. Evolmia (Jose Miguel DeJesus, Victor DiGillo) - 3:18 
7. I Just Don’t Know (Peter Alongi) - 3:17 
8. Hands of a Clock (Michael Marino) - 4:14 
9. Tom’s Island (Peter Alongi) - 8:39 

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