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21 Nov 2016

Chaos Physique “1975″ 2014 Italian-French Psych Rock

Chaos Physique “1975″  2014   Italian-French Psych Rock
Silently harbor reaches “ 1975 ”, according to the work of Chaos Physique , Italian-French band led by Amaury Cambuzat , musician of which are countless collaborations, projects, productions; in short, discounted words, a ‘creative bottomless pit’. 

The seeds Kraut continue to sprout precious flowers, and the frosts of Noise fortify the expanses of swarming guitars religious agreement with the battery of Pier Mecca and low Vinciarelli Diego. The powerful action of the three becomes more and more a certainty, a style, leaving behind the idea of ​​a side project, becoming a well-established machine Post-Rock that gives a nod both to the 70 ’, since the 00’! 

The atmosphere of “1975”, apparently resigned to “ The Science Of Chaotic Solutions ”, hides a tangle of thirsty snakes, unimaginable secrets and bold fades of delirium intrepid. 

It is important to mention the presence of Jean Herve Peron (founder of Faust), with his chainsaw in the song “ Chainsaw Beauty ”. 

It is not clear why the professionals of Italian critics have not yet given the right emphasis to a musician like Amaury Cambuzat, perhaps too busy discovering the InScopribile, to give full pages in pseudo scenes to try to sell a few more copies … all 'too hip’, all or most 'obvious’! 

Poor them, they do not know what they’re missing, 

Amaury continues!………by Joseph White 
It’s a sonic massacre. Amaury Cambuzat ( Ulan Bator ) , Pier Mecca ( F.iu.b. ) and Diego Vinciarelli ( Sexy Rexy ) cold killer and investigators sought by the name of Chaos Physique. Followers of the sect Kraftwerk and repeat offenders (this is their second album), they operate, indeed, perform their empirical murders “live” and are burned by an accomplice Alberto Ferrari ( Verdena ) in his “Henhouse Studio” . 

Nine tracks (blood ) alternating with kraut and psychedelic sounds, rhythmic nagging and sick atmospheres. The facilities are pounding, distressing. Analog and synthetic vortices, obsessive and tribal. A Scanning them, a voice icy and infirm. A ruthless serial narrator describing their own heinous crimes while they are carrying out. From “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, through “American Psycho” by Bret Easton Ellis , until you get the screenshot of a video game as “Manhunt”, in case you were younger. 

“1975”, all is well calibrated. A sort of crime-perfect art-kraut rock. Elegant. Executed with style and, in all likelihood, with red shirts and black ties. There is nothing excessive. Even Jean Herve Peron of the saw Faust in “Chainsaw Beauty”, as exquisitely unpleasant, is “measured.” Nothing conceptually innovative or revolutionary, but the great strength of the album lies in its sound solutions, the result of research never an end in itself. Here testing is unquestionably instrumental in song form and, consequently, to the “space” album. Murderess piece: “Intuition”….by Samir Galal… 

Amaury Cambuzat: guitars, vocals, organ 

Diego Vinciarelli: bass, loops, flute 

Pier Mecca: drums, percussion 

Guest: Jean Herve Peron - chainsaw in “Chainsaw beauty” 


1. Intuition 

2. Moving Your Hair 

3. 1975 

4. Captain Boom 

5. Chainsaw Beauty 

6. Analphabet City 

7. Bunga-Bunga 

8. Electric Dreams 

9. Long Train Running 

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