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15 Nov 2016

Comeflor “Comeflor” 2016 Argentina Heavy Psych Prog Rock 300 strictly ltd. colour vinyl with insert by Nasoni Records

Comeflor  “Comeflor” 2016 Argentina Heavy Psych Prog Rock 
300 strictly ltd. colour vinyl with insert by Nasoni Records
Comeflor is a heavy rock trio with psychedelic airs, which continues the saga published by ‘Nasoni records’, as Tlön and Tortuga, edited by the label and created by guitarist, singer and composer Christian Van Lacke. This time assembled in Argentina with Marcos Rocca on bass and Dano Digón on drums. Comeflor gives us seven tracks with much riff and soundscapes, within a defined style , reminiscent of the old South American rock groups , keeping alive the tradition of bands like 'Pescado Rabioso’ ,'Color Humano’ , Pappo’s Blues, 'Wara’ and 'Tarkus’ to name a few, and giving continuity to the sound to the afterlife… 

Tracklist Before delving into this new psychedelic freak it is good to review a little the life of Christian Van Lacke , one of the stalwarts of the independent Latin American music. Van Lacke was born in Buenos Aires in 1974, son of the original bassist Tarkus , Guillermo Van Lacke and owner of a unique, magical and essential to the musical culture of this part of the world discography. 

There are countless projects that have a transversal concept, same story but in several different chapters in his discography. Highlight Tlön , band he formed with Walo Carrillo and Marcos Coifman , at this point we already considered cult. With them he recorded three albums between 2009 and 2011, these queen psychedelia and progressive with a mystical, surreal and absolutely cosmic lyrical concept, this trilogy was published by the German label Nasoni Records 

Shortly afterwards we ’d have our musician embarked on a new project, this time called Turtle recording their debut album 2013 with musician and Spanish visual artist Jesus Morate , the Peruvian July Almeida of Hermit Kingdom on drums and Christian, as always, by the voices and guitars. Although some continuity to the sounds of Tlön in Tortuga gray and tones predominate closer to doom , with much greater weight marked by riffs acids and vagrants.Alongside kept alive another project simply called Christian Van Lacke and fauna , where plasma a much more personal sound, next to jazz , progressive and mainly the founding Latin American singing gathering around a number of musicians first line as Tavo Castillo , Tito La Rosa , Edelmiro Molinari ( Almond and Human Color ) Juan Luis Pereira ( pollens ) or Mario Parmisano , among others. 

As our friend Christian is a restless person has just launched a new project called Comeflor , with Marcos Rocca (bass) and Dano Digón (drums). Recorded in Buenos Aires in “Studies in the New World” by Mario Sobrino , the band already has his debut under edition of the German label Nasoni Records and Icarus Music of Argentina in what presumably would be a trilogy that begins with this first volume. We do not have this certainty, what I can say is that this debut album has all the ingredients that Christian Van Lacke has been gathering which alchemist in their long journeys, physical and others. 
The “Criatura de Dios “ is a trip to the cosmos, sound proto and reverberant, mixtures of times become patent, superlative weight and repetitive guitars that serve as a common thread reflected organic poetry in his lyrics.“Conectar” could be easily one of the issues of greatest weight ever recorded by Van Lacke , guitars at times sabbathicas of riff predominant and incessant hammering incombustible to shake your peace of mind, an outstanding work battery Dano Digón that It gives a tremendous energy almost mathematical cut. Eye on “Conectar” we will find one creepy Christian .“Canción Para Una Niña Triste” original progressive band Bolivian Wara , is a melodic and somber song full of blues old light pulse and jazzy , a grim beauty from start to finish.“El Canto está en el Agua” Disco Poster Presentation Comeflor surprised by the very slow and cadente guitar, very doom , to make a single illustrative analogy could make parallels with what in Sweden did Witchcraft in their first 3 albums, it sounds Comeflor at times, if not try with“Ombu” bitter coffee and claustrophobic dissonant, absolutely hypnotic and primal rhythm again guitars solos and magnetism long bluesy towards the end of the subject. "Ombu” is brief, almost a volatile interlude near Tlön to move to “Lejos del Centro del Universo” by far the most doom disco, guitar and slow but Galloping start rhythm takes you through a spiral of psychedelic rhythms and provocative the song of Van Lacke is almost a sordid mantra that envelops you and takes you into only imaginable travel portals psychotropics. A powerful and Oscillating holds deranged chords guitars ending the best cut on the album. 
This coming May 7th the band officially launches the disc in the Club Emergent Almagro in Buenos Aires with Telergia and Ambassador 
One can lose the states of consciousness listening to a disc like Comeflor , an adventure that succumbs in the melodies floydianas of “fossil” , about an hour’s journey ends with beautiful passages of striking and illustrative composition. 

Comeflor and this debut is an album coming out only occasionally, a job that is conspicuous by the composition of their songs but mostly for being a compact, cross work, which begins with an art surreal cover, which adds points each subject to collect a much higher value if you know the work of Christian Van Lacke . It’s an album that you can not hear alone, it is part of a larger conceptual work that begins with Tlön , continues with Turtle and closes with this wonderful band, a compositional whole of immeasurable beauty. Magic . …by…Roberto Fuentes…… 

A1La Criatura De Dios 
A3Cancion Para Una Nina Triste 
A4El Canto Esta En El Agua 
B2Lejos Del Centro Del Universo 

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