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21 Nov 2016

Cosmic Circus Music “Wiesbaden 1973″ Germany Psych,Space Rock,Jam.original only private cassette

Cosmic Circus Music  “Wiesbaden 1973″ Germany Psych,Space Rock,Jam.original only private cassette…..recommended…!
Some rough around the edges cassette recordings are all that survive of krautrock trio Cosmic Circus Music, a group that were based in based in Göttingen, Germany and only active for a few years in the early Seventies. The Garden of Delights label have compiled this one continuous 78 minute live performance from July 14 1973 at the Wiesbaden Wartburg Auditorium July 14, 1973 onto a single CD release, and the band perform a fully improvised cosmic music set in the exploratory vein of diverse Krautrock-related acts such as the Ash Ra Tempel, DOM, the Cosmic Jokers, Agitation Free and the early recordings of both Klaus Schulze and the Pink Floyd. 
Delicate acoustic guitar ruminations and harsh electric distortion waves crash together in `Sternenmaskerade’ around Ulrich Maßhöfer’s shimmering electronic drones. Bernd Diesner’s contemplative electric guitar strains reach for the heavens, sometimes burning slowly with middle- eastern vibes, cutting slyly like a buzzsaw the next. Karl-Heinz Keffer’s bass grumbles and murmurs with lethargic delight, and Ulrich’s plodding drums a thrashing storm of ferocious feral noise. Flautist Tim Belbe of Xhol Caravan eventually drifts in and out, flitting between electronic chirping ebbs as the piece grows in intensity and power. The whole performance is relaxed one moment, overwhelming and wild the next, and there’s that delicious faint touch of darkness grafted to the lo-fi recording that permeates all the best Krautrock recordings. 

Equally beautifully melancholic and rapturously meditative, completely hypnotic and truly immersive, `Wiesbaden 1973’ is a genuine lost Krautrock gem far superior to being some mere desperate product belatedly released to make a quick buck. Listeners who prefer structure and focus will likely find it fairly tedious, but for the lovers who dig lo-fi fully improvised spacey krautrock sounds, it holds truly timeless Kosmische music you could listen to and disappear into forever. 

Five stars……by Aussie-Byrd-Brother ….. 

Luckily this Cosmic Circus Music cassette has been brought to daylight from the shadows of obscurity, revealing rustic but very sacral moment of contemplative musical devotion. The long gaze into the atavistic corridors has been conducted with serene piety, not straying to paths of insanity but focusing on yearning of unconscious divinity. This process reminds certainly the hallucinogenic masterpieces of Ash Ra Tempel, The Cosmic Jokers and Yatha Sihdra; I would associate the sound texture of the recording with the two first mentioned, but I felt the third group of comparison describing further the compact characteristics of the jam, along with the spiritual content I felt shining from this forty years old artifact. From contemporary retro groups I think My Brother The Wind have continued carrying forward this heritage of spiritual vintage psychedelic rock astral travelling. 
The long opening sequence vibrates freely in rhythmless open space, string instruments searching beautiful harmonies with Tim Belbe’s flute, and scarce atonal effect layers strengthen the presence of surreal aura. Bernd Diesner’s guitar playing is very focused, deploying acid rock sound’s effect portfolio with fine sense of style, and reaching via to moderation the latency of quiet moments’ aether. Ulrich Masshöfer introduces his percussion presence after ten minutes of warming up of the melodic instruments, initiating the magic cauldron spout a powerful whirl mystic haze, elevating through the spirals circling around a constant basic key note towards infinity. Karl-Heinz Keffer’s firm bass lines keeps this progression solid, and brings extra value to both rhythmic nuances and melodic charms for the epic sonic prayer. The twenty five minutes long groovy twist in krautrock dynamics return later to electrically charged void of slowly moving aural shapes, eventually rising for a final thrust of motioning sequences before disappearing past the horizon. I felt the semi-circular arrangement of this “sea of birth” holding simple but powerful universal characteristics of life and universe we humans observe trough senses, science and religious offsets; The forms of larger complexity arise from the void and chaos, mature to functional entities, and dissolve to the tranquility where they have appeared. Whatever should the position of consideration be, spiritual or logical, I find this configuration peaceful, serene and blessed. 

I personally did not associate this psychedelic suite with the word “freak out” so much, but more with seriousness of searching deeper truths from spontaneous unconscious activity. The alluring developments in melodic rhythm-space really bend time, making the forty-five minutes pass in ecstatic rejoicing in spheres of imagination and reality-shadowing themes. Though the recording quality is not optimal, I personally have grown to like raw analogue bootleg sounds from my earlier King Crimson live conquest decade. Certainly from my own yet maturing and limited perspective I consider “Sternenmaskerade” as larger than life statement of spiritual musical expressionism… Eetu Pellonpaa …….. 

Felt hot breath and dry magic via their circus stage. 
Strange, and addictive show indeed. Their only one ‘cassette’ album “Wiesbaden” tells us that they might not have played pure 'rock music’ but done 'artistic colourful cosmic circus’, featuring their quirky, sticky instrumental acrobatic illusion all through the one shot “Sternenmaskerade”. 

As if we could touch their meditative hospitality and illusive, delusive voyage, their freakout playing fully flooded with mind-altering agent-ish atmosphere sounds somewhat like a drastic measure for us. We can get drenched directly in crazy flute, phantasmagoric guitar, deeply hedonic bass, and dark-space-merged drum sounds … namely, we should be immersed deeply into cosmic circus 'abuse’ without any intention. 

So difficult for us to clarify their magical obscurity but no problem. Guess we listeners cannot understand such an addictive atmosphere, unless we attend this cosmic circus show. However, we can grab something abusive instead of feeling their freaky estery breath and extensive fruit-like colour directly. Listen, and put yourself deeply into them…… DamoXt7942 …… 

Kraut rarity of the highest order. This Space Jam was available in 1972 by mailorder via Sounds Magazine only. 

Here we have a private cassette-only release by the German, obviously Hessian, group Cosmic Circus Music: Ulrich Masshöfer, dr - Bernd Diesner, g - Karl-Heinz Keffer, b, with guest Tim Belbe on flute. It could only be ordered directly from the band, and just a handful of people did so having read this article in the German Sounds Magazine that described the improvisational character of the music, and showed the address at the very end of the feature. 

Recorded live in Wiesbaden, it was a one-sided affair with only one long (45:33) instrumental track called “Sternenmaskerade” (“ Masquerade of the stars”). Without the studio trickery of a Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser, this is Cosmic Kraut of another kind. Stripped down, but pretty spacy and unusual droning nevertheless. Masshöfer and Diesner came from the much praised, but unrecorded underground band Catharsis, Keffer may have been in an equally obscure collective by the name of Lord’s Family (but that’s just guesswork, dont nail me down), and Belbe of course is the late woodwinder of Xhol. We’re not going to translate the article or try to describe the music. It’s essential for Kraut-connoisseurs, but draw your own conclusions. If you go for groups like the very early Tangerine Dream, exmagma, Xhol, Agitation Free, Ash Ra Tempel et al., this one’s for you. (We only have this second generation tape drawn from an original copy. A proper CD release is long overdue. Someone should do it…)………… 

Cosmic Circus Music came from Göttingen, where in the autumn of 1972 Karl-Heinz Keffer (bass), Bernd Diesner (guitar, violin) and Ulrich Maßhofer (drums) joined together to form a trio. Diesner and Maßhöfer had previously played with the band Catharsis, who enjoyed a certain degree of recognition in the German rock underground at the beginning of the 70s. Cosmic Circus Music was released in the mid-seventies - the group did not release, they were mainly live with, among others, Xhol, Missus Beastly and Embryo. 

On 14/07/1973 Cosmic Circus Music gave a concert at the Wartburg-Saal in Wiesbaden, which (see also “of Muck Krieger Wiesbaden 1972 ” “and 1972 Wiesbaden ”) was recorded relatively professionally. He has kept the cassette well, which made it possible for Garden of Delights 2013 to make the material entitled “Wiesbaden 1973” accessible to the public interested in herbaceous plants on CD. The sound of the whole is quite OK, a bit dull and musty, but quite acceptable. 

The cover of the album is somewhat misleading, but the three musicians are not about to play the violin, acoustic guitars and tablas. Also, there is no folky-Indian acoustic noise to be heard, but one is electrified to electric guitar, bass and percussion. Ulrich Maßhöfer also uses an EMS synthesizer, which occasionally causes fever, chirping, sounding and drumming. In the second half of the recording, Tim Belbe (from Xhol) is also to be heard as a guest at the flute and sax (just like that). 

In the meantime it is almost possible to hear the classic “Kraut-Gejamme” in the “Wiesbaden 1973”, long-pitched, sometimes percussive patterns of bass and electric guitar alternating with cosmic hovering, sometimes rocky, psychedelic and krautig -format. Comparisons could be like for the same time or slightly earlier incurred productions Ash Ra Tempel (eg the first fruits ), Gila ( “ Night works ”), XhoI (eg “ Hau RUK ”, or another live recording) and Guru (the “already mentioned 1972 Wiesbaden ” for example) draw, but the Göttingen yet cantilevered and improvised to progress. In a report of magazine sound, the only surviving historical text documentary about the activity of the group, the band was cited in 1973 as follows: “Our music is an attempt to raise awareness of the energy vibrations that inhabit all states and manifestations of cosmic dance To show the dimensional connections between different realities and to reach and mediate the state of a cosmic, extended consciousness in moments of deepest reflection - with the help of consciousness media such as electronics, intellect, meditation, concentration, music, feeling and love . ” This is how it sounds. 

“Wiesbaden 1973” is a very interesting time document from the wedding of the cosmic-jamming Krautrocks, which fans can put into the CD shelf of such sounds, especially Ash-Ra-Tempel-fans. However, it must be said that over the 80 minutes playing time in compositional terms but rather little, or the sound is somewhat too muddy, in order to realize any changing details really. Live, however, must have been quite impressive. The band is very dynamic at jamming, sometimes increases to almost obsessive climaxes (for example, listen to track 2 after about 12 minutes) and builds up an almost hypnotic tension, which has captured the listeners certainly under its spell. Therefore, crutches can be accessed!………by Achim Breilin………… 

Line-up / Musicians 
- Ulrich Masshöfer / drumm 
- Bernd Diesner / guitar 
- Karl-Heinz Keffer / bass 

- Tim Belbe / flute 

Songs / Tracks Listing 
1. Sternenmaskerade (45:33) 

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