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14 Nov 2016

Doctor Doom “This Seed We Have Sown”2015 France Doom Metal Stoner Prog Rock

Doctor Doom  “This Seed We Have Sown”2015 France Doom Metal Stoner Prog Rock  Limited to 100 copies
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DoctoR DooM is a band from Pamiers, France formed in 2011. They recorded their first demo called “DoomO” in 2013, but it was until the release of their debut album this year, through STB Records and Ripple Music, that the band gain incredible attention from the heavy underground global scene. 

With “This Seed We Have Sown” you’ll see a band presenting an album with a warm sound thanks the mastering job done by the mighty Tony Reed (the main man behind Mos Generator and Stone Axe).The first track of the album, “The Sun” starts with some fuzzy bass lines that evolve into a powerful bluesy tune with some spooky elements. From that very first moment you know you would be treated in a special way with a good dose of Retro-Rock full of beautiful arrangements. They even added some prog elements into the mix, which reminds me of Jethro Tull early days. 

With “Abso-Fuckin’-lutely” the band proves that not only Sweden can be a Pilgrim’s place for all the Retro-Rock lovers. In this sense, DoctoR DooM delivers a powerful song that can match even anything Graveyard or Horisont have recorded in the last years. After that, the Heavy Blues says “present!” with the incredible “Stuck In The Past”, a song that gives a lot of space to their guitarist to deliver some good solos. As for “So Jinxed”, this one counts with some strong bass lines and keyboards arrangements, showing that the good musicianship is the foundation of the band. 

The second side of the album kicks off with a pair of songs that follows the same mood of previous songs, “Relax You’re Dead” and “Behind The Shadow”, straightforward rock songs that save the best for their last minute when they reach their climax with some closing guitar solos. 

The time arrives for “At War With Myself”, a Heavy Blues song in which Jean-Laurent Pasquet sings with incredible feeling what I consider the best lyrics of all the album. Also you can appreciate some good keyboards arrangements thanks to Sébastien Boutin Blomfield. The album closes with “Truth In The Dark”, a very good finale that serves well to deliver, once again, good guitar and bass solos. 

In the end, you’re in front of one the strongest efforts of the year; I bet this is going to rank high for many critics and bloggers of the scene. Also, this album is a good proof of the everyday growing of the Retro-Rock scene, where tons of bands are delivering strong records that don’t sound outdated; on the contrary, these are bands are revitalizing the global heavy scene…….by Mr. Heavyhead…… 

When picking out which track on your album you’re going to call “Abso-Fuckin’-Lutely,” take a page out of French heavy classic rockers DoctoR DooM‘s book, and make it move. Boogie runs rampant throughout the Pamiers four-piece’s debut long-player, This Seed We Have Sown, and true to form, “Abso-Fuckin’-Lutely” has all the swing and ’70s vibe one could ask in this post-Graveyard era. The album is out July 24 on Ripple Music CD and will have vinyl to follow in Sept. from STB Records, and in following-up a 2015 7″, a live outing and their 2012 DoomO EP (review here), it presents a steady flow across its nine tracks, beginning with “The Sun” and ending with the quiet guitar of “To be Continued,” which I wouldn’t be surprised to find echoed at the start of their sophomore outing whenever it might arrive. 

Between those two and in the meat of This Seed We Have Sown, the lineup of guitarist/vocalist Jean-Laurent Pasquet, guitarist/backingdoctor-doom-this-seed-we-have-sown vocalist Jérémie Delattre, bassist/keyboardist Sébastien Boutin Blomfield and drummer/drummer Michel Marcq proffer natural tones and upbeat swing, touching here and there on classic Pentagram stylizations and a not unexpected touch of Sabbath on “So Jinxed” or side B’s “At War with Myself,” which is the longest inclusion at 7:14 and the precursor to “Truth in the Dark,” the particularly proto-metallic de facto closer before “To be Continued” finishes the album. Strong instrumental chemistry throughout and songwriting to match gives the tracks a personality of their own despite whatever genre familiarity they present, and though it has its morose stretches, the prevailing vibe is is more given to motion, and that brings us back to where we started. 

“Abso-Fuckin’-Lutely” follows “The Sun,” and while it’s one of the “brighter” cuts on This Seed We Have Sown, its shuffle and groove, especially in Marcq‘s performance, show off DoctoR DooM‘s momentum at one of its most irresistible points on the record. They’re not necessarily pushing forward all the time, but definitely side to side, the songs almost dancing to themselves in pure heavy rock revelry. We’re a month out from the (first) release, but you can find “Abso-Fuckin’-Lutely” on the player below, followed by some more info on the album courtesy of the PR wire. 
DoctoR DooM was formed in the French town of Ariège in the Midi-Pyrénées by guitarists Jean-Laurent Pasquet and Jérémie Delattre. Having come together out of a shared appreciation for forgotten 60s and 70s music, it didn’t take long for the duo to find kindred spirits in drummer Michel Marcq and bass player Sébastien Boutin Blomfield as they sought to pull together the rhythm section required to knock out a monumentally heavy live set. Initially performing covers of Coven, Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple, out of the riffs and drum rolls of old grew new, original numbers that would later surface fully formed on their 2012 debut DoomO EP on STB Records. 

This Seed We Have Sown by DoctoR DooM will be released worldwide on 24th July 2015 on Ripple Music, with a limited vinyl released on STB Records out toward the end of June. …… 

The past few years have seen a massive resurgence in the popularity of retro 60/70s fuzz rock bands, in all their doom/stoner/fuzz/acid glory and pontifications of the rock sound. However, only a few have really got that vibe that shook you from the bottom of your gator boots to the tops of those fuzzy fros: Graveyard, Witchcraft, Pagan Altar, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Le Betre…. it’s a long and mostly Nordic list. Today, I submit another name for this very exceptional list: Doctor DooM. 

Their newest album and subject of today’s exercise in how many times I can say Fuzz, ‘This Seed We Have Sown’, rocks every which way but physical pieces of earth! They have everything: fuzzy guitars, a singer who croons with a smoothness not seen outside of a bourbon bottle, a drummer who must ooze groove, and a presentation that would make Presbyterians start tapping their foot in time. It’s the essence of rock reborn into pure ecstasy. 

Their sound is cleaner than most fuzz/retro bands, with a very old school jangle inside their cleaned up tones. It’s denim and leather, very much so, but well groomed and taken care of. And having mentioned fuzzy clean tones, their big string section, the almighty rock bass, lays down the lowest beat rhythms you’ve heard this year. It’s a monstrous sound, reminding me of a club scene in many a Bond film, but replace lounge piano or jazz with a much more upbeat rock band. This is Everyman Rock. And they love to stay around with their songs, so look forward to an album full of 4+ minute slabs that will take you along sonic highways of old. 

Full disclosure, I also wrecked my computer’s sub on the new Goya…. so having only heard the higher parts of the band (fixed as I write this….), this album simply sparkles. Many highlights abound, one such being the song ‘So Jinxed’, with it’s sweet, odd strumming intro, more low sounding back beat, and a pace that absolutely kicks my ass into wanting to do something fun! Doctor DooM excels at bolstering the soul and spirit of the listener, as all good rock should do, relying less on simple chords, or odd structure, Doctor DooM instead props the wobbly table of rock up with slabs of actual playing, with scales and notes and stuff! It’s all very heady! 

If you pick up this album, be prepared to have a liquid light show go off inside your pleasure center, as scintillating rhythms, pounding beats, and sultry seduction echo throughout one of the most solid fuzzed up 
retro rock releases this year! ….By: Hunter Young…… 

Fans of the Marvel comics will know Doctor Doom as the arch-nemesis of the The Fantastic Four and all round supervillain. Fans, however, of heavy groove-laden progressive stoner shuffles will now point to a French quartet with a clock set on the late 1960’s to early 1970’s. 

The band were formed in the French town of Ariège in the Midi-Pyrénées by vocalist/guitarist Jean-Laurent Pasquet and guitarist Jérémie Delattre in 2011. The line-up was completed by drummer Michel Marcq and bassist Sébastien Boutin. Since their inception they have built up a significant following and a crushing live reputation that has put them high on the ones-to-watch list. As many bands do they cut their teeth in the live arena via the use of cover songs. The usual suspects were accounted for in Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy etc but also bands like Coven were also a big inspiration. Almost inevitably you can hear the influence of those bands and more in their sound but crucially for a band wishing to set themselves apart they have their own take on matters pyschedelic. 
Bands like Witchcraft and Graveyard, amongst countless others, have emerged in recent years to blaze a new trail over old ground. DoctoR DooM fit nicely into the same mould but have some added flair, songwriting and showmanship that elevates them into the upper echleons of the third coming of stoner rock. 

A debut EP was released in 2012 under the title of “DoomO” and the talent that was embryonic at the stage is now becoming fully formed. 

“The Sun” is the first glimpse we get into the world of the DooM. A Sabbath-esque bass line introduces us to a spoken word passage before the track develops into a stoned-out version of 70’s glam rockers T.Rex. 

Once the band get the momentum building tracks like “So Jinxed”, “Behind Your Shadow” & “Truth In The Dark” are almost impossible to stop. The rhythmic power and intensity that ‘DooM provide alongside moments of simmering Californian Sun make them an irresistible force, not only in the live environment but also on record. 

The album finishes brilliantly with a one minute outro entitled “To Be Continued…” which is a perfect way to sum up the band and Maximum Volume for one cannot wait to hear what happens next. 

This Seed We Have Sown will be released worldwide on 24th July 2015 on Ripple Music. Grab yourself a copy. Vive La France!!….Donnie Kemp….. 

DoctoR DooM: 
Jean-Laurent Pasquet (Vocal, Guitar) 
Jérémie Delattre (Guitar) 
Sébastien Boutin Blomfield (Bass, Keys) 
Michel Marcq (Drums) 

A1 The Sun
A2 Abso-Fuckin’-Lutely
A3 Stuck In The Past
A4 So Jinxed
B1 Relax You’re Dead
B2 Behind Your Shadow
B3 At War With Myself
B4 Truth In The Dark 

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