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17 Nov 2016

Estrella De Marzo ‎ “A Los Ninos Con Amor” 1974 Psych Rock Boliviano

Estrella De Marzo ‎ “A Los Ninos Con Amor” 1974 Psych Rock Boliviano 
Most do not know much about music from Bolivia, like us. What’s flashing our minds are the Andes, La Paz and flute music by Indios. But there are some great rock & underground bands such as Wara, Climax and most of all Estrella De Marzo. This album (still unknown to most collectors) is not only special because it’s from an country not many listeners know much about. This album is so great, so much underground, so unique and well crafted, that it goes into a strong competition with most “classic underground releases” from South America. If you are in to wild fuzz guitar ala Zappa, and if you like Kissing Spell from Chile, beautiful vocals with strong lyrics and great beats , you will love this album. The early Pink Floyd has also influenced this album. For us it was one of the big musical discoveries for this year. Every track is great, high spirit progressive underground rock, as good as it can be. This album “A Los Ninos Con Amor” (to children with love) was recorded in 1974 with, keyboards, guitars, drums, bass & vocals. ….. 

this is a dark Bolivian album of 1974, in progressive wave and psychedelic, with good guitar fuzz and sung in Spanish, with an aonda similar to the Argentines Cuero but with a strong spiritual root And even metaphysics. The worst thing is the sound of the album, which seems to be an independent production although I’m not sure. Reading the comments of the album I discover that one of its leaders came from the Bolivian group Wara, one of the groups that has been able to mix rock and psychedelic with the Andean rhythms. 
In this case, the musicians are not so worried about inserting elements of their own and of their folkloric music, but they did not cease to have a characteristic sound and a good quality in their compositions. 

This group is born of the fusion of two tremendous groups of the Bolivian seventies scene, Luis Eguino and German Urquidi coming from March 50 and Carlos Daza de Wara. Both bands should be the most powerful that Bolivia had in the early seventies. Although Wara had a radical turn in his style and March 50 had a short duration and an unexpected success that would take them out of Bolivia quickly, the results of this fusion could not be better, clearly influenced by both groups. This disc is absolutely psychedelic, with many progressive touches, although the format is more of a Power Trio. The lyrics of their songs are highly spiritual, almost a statement of principles “hippy”. Unfortunately the band dissolved after the recording of this, their only record, a record that they understand is very difficult to find. A unique band, a unique sound, highly recommended………… 

A1 Maestro 5:21 
A2 Claro Dia 5:43 
A3 Naturaleza Sonrieme 5:01 
B1 Casi Nada Falta Ya 3:27 
B2 Encuentro 4:46 
B3 Los Duendes 4:58 
B4 Cancion De Cuna 4:53 

- Luis Eguino / Bajo y voz 
- German Urquidi / Bateria 
- Carlos Daza / Guitarra 

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