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19 Nov 2016

Floh De Cologne “Fließbandbabys Beat-Show” 1970 Kraut Rock Political Ohr Label

Floh De Cologne  “Fließbandbabys Beat-Show” 1970 Kraut Rock Political Ohr Label
Floh de Cologne’s second record “Fliessbandbaby’s Beat-Show” from 1970 is a strange album which craves an open minded listener to be enjoyed by. This is classified Krautrock, a genre I’m not convinced in but this form of music is great. It’s easy to relate it to the left wing socialist music genre “progg” in seventies’ Sweden which I am found of. I don’t know so much German but they are singing(well…) about politics all the time, about the workers and about the first against the capitalist bastards. The musicians on this disc are Hansi Franchi(drums), Dieter Klemm(vocals), Gerd Wollschon(vocals), Markus Schmidt(guitar, keyboards) and Dick Stadtler(bass). 
To some people this could sound weird. They are not singing so much. I will name this music “discussion rock” or some form of political musical theatre. If you haven’t done that, search for the group’s name on Youtube and you will find one fantastic video when they were singing a song. This full record has not distinct ends between the songs and the themes, both musical and lyrical seems to come back all the time som this is really a concept record. Their sound is not very complicated, it’s heavy and clear. The most distinct instrument is the organ which gives the music deep. Mostly they discuss things or scream phrases but the instrumentation is varied and sweat. “Fliessbandbaby, Manchmal Träum Ich” has different passages and a bit of Beethoven’s Für Elize. Some parts have much of a comedy in it. “Ford Capri” is a joyfull piece and “Hey Johnny” seams to reply rock'n'roll music. Over all this is very interesting music to listen to. I like their anger and the way this record is unique. Perhaps not for the common progger. Listen for yourselves and do a review so I se what you think! I like it!…by…DrömmarenAdrian…… 

was the third album from innovative German band Floh Cologne. The band began as a student cabaret and music band known for elaborate stage shows and socio-political theatrical productions. By the time of the release of profiteers They had developed a more rock song based formula Which what one of the first rock opera style releases and deserved its comparisons with legends: such as Mothers Of Invention and The Fugs. 

Floh de Cologne had founded in 1966. Their records were studios of stage shows, which seemed almost multimedial for that time. Profitgier, for example, became famous as the first German rock opera (in three movements). … 

The prime motivation for this band’s releases at this time was to diseminate their political propaganda, hopefully in an entertaining and interesting way. Consequently, the majority of time on this album is taken up by German spoken word. But between the various segments are some good progressive rock passages, which get even better when they shut up and take a break. I have found five of these passages gradable - 2 B+’s, 1 B, 1 B-, and a C+. The album was recorded in March of 1970. Original presses of this LP came with a balloon attached to a square cut-out on the front cover. Has anyone ever seen a copy with the balloon still intact?….by…tymeshifter……….. 

The first album, which was released on the legendary ear label, was “Flatshabbysys Beatshow”, the second album by Floh De Cologne. Since that time I heard a couple of tracks thereof on the legendary “ear candy” double-LP, I’m a fan of this great album! 

The instruments are used sparingly but effectively. The music is calm and melodic, and serves as a vehicle for the critical but still very funny lyrics. The lyrics reflect the spirit of the times again and make the listener clearly astonishingly, how much the attitude to have changed “work” over the years. 

I remember a car about 30 years ago, the first I time Heard the song “Johnny”. The text is very funny and very “messy”, and that was somehow so funny that I had to drive on the roads because I had tears in my eyes. My co-driver and I have used for about 5 minutes until we had calmed down again…………… 

Line-up / Musicians 

- Hansi Franchi / drums 
- Dieter Klemm / vocals 
- Markus Schmidt / guitar, keyboards 
- Dick Stadtler / bass 
- Gerd Wollschon / vocals 

Songs / Tracks Listing 

1. Fließband 
2. Fließbandbaby, manchmal träum ich 
3. Komm mit mir ins Wegschmeißwunderland 
4. Sei ruhig, Fließbandbaby 
5. Ford Capri 
6. Hey Johnny 
7. Arbeit macht freitag 
8. Wenn Springer mal rülpst 
9. Armer junger Krupp 
10. Die oberen Zehntausend 
11. Fließbandbaby, wir sind wieder wer 
12. Mädchen mach die Beine breit 
13. Fließbandbaby, du sitzt im Gefängnis

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