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15 Nov 2016

George & Beatovens “Kolotoc Svet"1970 Chechoslovakia Psych Rock

George & Beatovens  “Kolotoc Svet"1970 Chechoslovakia Psych Rock
In 1970 he released an album Carousel world. This is the first full-length album beat of George and Beatovens. First published in Panton, reeditovaná second time was in 1994 as CD and MC. In 2004 released remastered CD Supraphon, which was accompanied by a series of bonus songs from the original singles released in 1970. Without the bonus LP record as part of an ensemble of thirteen CD, entitled Petr Novák: Complete 1967-1997, which Supraphon in 2010 . the album was recorded in the cast of Peter Smith - vocals, John Farmer Obermayer - organ, George Cizek - bass and vocals, Miroslav Dudáček - guitar and vocals and Jiri Jirasek - drums. Carousel world belongs to freedom triptych composed of LP Carousel World (1970), Prayer for Love (1970) and In the Name of Love (1971), after which Peter Smith ruled the group in the assembly dissolved and returned to it later in second half of the ‘70s. ……….. 

Petr Novák - zpěv 
Miroslav Dudáček - kytara 
Jan F. Obermayer - varhany 
Jiří Čížek - baskytara 
Jiří Jirásek - bicí 
Petr Bezpalec - saxofon a flétna 

SIDE 1. 
01. Takovej Je Svet (Petr Novak) 
02. Odkud Asi Chodi Vitr (Mir. Dudacek - Petr Novak) 
03. Romance O Stastnem Medvedari (Jan F. Obermajer) 
04. Vic Nez Nic (Mir. Dudacek) 
05. Svita (Petr Novak) 

SIDE 2. 
01. Esther (Mir. Dudacek) 
02. Hadith (Petr Novak) 
03. Sedm Prazdnych Dnu (Jan F. Obermajer) 
04. Kde Ticho Umira (Jiri Cizek)  

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