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19 Nov 2016

German Oak “Nibelungenlied” Witch & Warlock, 1992 Kraut Rock

German Oak “Nibelungenlied” Witch & Warlock, 1992 Kraut Rock
The dark German collective back with completely catchy kraut-improvisations. All tracks deliver memacing heavy, fuzzy psychedelic moments that merit a serious listening. After their amazing and most popular effort, “Nibelungenlied” stresses the free-sonic-destruction dimension of their music. The sound is always dominated by screaming / electric bluesy guitar parts, sound experiments and macabre keyboards effects. “The heroic deeds of Siegfried” is a dark and minimalist, melancholic composition with a dubtle “medieval” flavour. The savage percussions announces a delicate, simplistic guitar sequence in a moody tone. “Nibelungenlied I” is an agressive, dynamic guitar orientated composition, featuring really hypnotic, rocking sequences; all in improvisation with a repetitive bass line and some vicious guitar solos. “Gunter & Brunhild”, “Hagen von Tronje” & “Siegfried’s death” are bluesy-kraut jam with wha wha effects and strangely doom, sinister atmospheres. Heavy, complex, weird & cool! A “poisoning” masterpiece. This album only has to be avoided by those who can’t support an extremely poor, infect sound production….by philippe…. 

Okay…the first album by this whacked out krew of Krauts sounded like Cream, high on Sterno and paranoia, jamming free-form style in a cave (Actually it was an air raid bunker). This album is more of the same, much random sound-making, not so much structure and form. And once again the sound quality suffers from whatever weird locale this was performed in, with echoing drums and less than sterling sound on everything else. On the bright side, there are some good authentically dark riffs and oddly doomy metal moments here, but there’s also a lot of random, sometimes poorly played wanking about. Some of the sound quality is really poor, as if someone was taping the music off AM radio onto a crusty boom box. But just when you think the record really stinks, it turns a corner and hits you with a great riff/and or atmospheric section. No vocals by the way, this is an all instrumental freak out, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I can’t really say any specific listener might like this as it touches (fleetingly) so many genres (metal, ambient, free-form, improv) throughout it’s span. Just gotta realize in advance how weird it is and give it a shot. Good luck….by..cirithungol…… 

1 The Heroic Deeds Of Siegfried 6:08 
2 Nibelungenlied I: Siegfried & Kriemhild 7:25 
3 Gunter & Brunhild 3:59 
4 Hagen Von Tronje 5:39 
5 Siegfried’s Death 4:10 
6 Dankwart, Ruediger & Hildebrandt 4:22 
7 Dietrich Von Bern 3:25 
Nibelungenlied II (12:12) 
A) Kriemhild & Etzel
B) Final Fights And Death
9 Lament 1:24 

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