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19 Nov 2016

Gurnemanz “ No Rays of Noise” 1976 Private Germany Prog Folk Folk Rock

Gurnemanz “ No Rays of Noise” 1976 Private Germany Prog Folk Folk Rock
+ bonus
Line-up / Musicians 

- Lukas W.Scheel / guitar, vocals, mandolins, banjo 
- Manuela Schmitz / vocals, tin-whisles, percussion, recorder, kazoo 
- Siegfried Bushuven / bass, kazoo 
- Wolfgang Riedel / guitar, backing vocals, percussion, harmonica, bouzouki, flute, kazoo 

This late 70’s german semi-acoustic ensemble is a curiosity maybe too rapidly eclipsed by great bands of the progish folk scene. The music is not as ambitious / adventurous as pagan-medieval acid folk combos from Germany (Ougenweide, Parzival…) nevertheless it is constantly relaxing, intimate and pleasantly sunshiney. No Rays of Noise combines subtle-profundly emotional female voices (sometimes helped by some others vocalists) to pastoral blues-folk guitar sequences. The atmosphere tends to be pop-ish with hippie-like accents but it’s efficiently poetical and beautifully dreamy. The bonus tracks include nice live performances, not wonderful or transcendant but warmly vibrant with an inspired charming flavour. Generally the live parts feature a rockier instrumentation. Some tracks provide a dancing-forest like atmosphere for primal flutes (Mattelotte/Kupferschmied…). Some others develop a discreet tripped out kraut-folk ambience (Tra Na Rossan…). Difficult to choose one or a few best songs because the level is rather equal all along the album…it contains no real surprise but the natural-ceremonial folkish atmosphere keeps the listener’s attention. Recommended to those who enjoy the most introspective-fragile moments of prog folk. ………….. 

This is an awesome album of progressive folk-rock from German group Gurnemanz!! Very much in the style of UK folk-rock ala Fairport Convention or Spriguns, singer Manuela Schmitz has an amazing voice and could give Sandy Denny a run for the money!! The male vocalist, Lukas W.Scheel, has got a real Fairport-y delivery also!! The musicianship is stellar and the songs, whether sung in English or German, are great!! The version of John Barleycorn is one of the best I’ve heard!!….. 

Excellent Folk Rock made in Germany - mostly sung in english. 

I’m not a big fan of Folk-Rock in particular but this record really got something special. Great instrumentation, lovely voices (especially when in duo) and that melancholic & bluesy feel to it persuade my ears………….. 

First released in 1977, as this was the German progressive band's third of three actual lp's they had put out. You get the eleven tunes from the original album + eleven bonus cuts - that are in fact 'live' recordings of their never released 'Blue Moon' 1979 effort. Didn't blow my mind but but this CD reissue didn't exactly bore me to tears either. Some songs I sort of liked were "John Barleycorn", "Morning Song", the laid back "Rain Song" and "November". Line-up: Lukas Scheel - guitar, mandolin & banjo, Wolfgang Riedel - guitar, harmonica, flute & vocals, Siegfried Bushuven - bass & lyre, John Cremer - autoharp and Manuela Schmitz - percussion, kazoo & vocals. Total of twenty-two tracks with a duration of 77:52. Might be tough to find.....ByMike Reed......................

Gurnemanz hailed from Aachen in Rhineland, an acoustic folk troupe that existed from 1972 to 1979. After self-producing several cassettes in the early years, they managed to get a limited edition LP release on the EMI Electrola label in 1975 ('Spielmannskinder'). This second LP, No Rays of Noise originally issued in 1977 was pressed in larger numbers on EMI's Songbird label. Of the six touring members credited, only four were full-time instrumentalists, a pair of guitarists, another on the double bass, and vocalist Manuela Schmitz. Other instruments like flutes of various sorts, harmonica, and even kazoo appear often, duties shared by most members. Their lyrics were normally sung in English with a few also in German, and Schmitz sometimes sang duets with guitarist Lukas Scheel. Schmitz has a clean and pretty voice (not unlike Sandy or Joni), with lyrics the sort of whimsical portraits of nature you might expect. Though billed as progressive folk rock, this leans more toward traditional troubadour folk. The plentiful bonus tracks (live versions of songs meant for a third album entitled Blue Moon) indicate that at the very end (late 1979), the band added a drummer and some electric guitar and so widened their repertoire...................

Songs / Tracks Listing 
1. What a Day it is (3:10) 
2. Libelle (3:27) 
3. Der Schwartenhals (3:43) 
4. John Barleycorn (6:29) 
5. Givers and Takers (2:51) 
6. Morning Song (3:58) 
7. Dublin (3:14) 
8. Deep Sleep (2:40) 
9. Different Ways (2:25) 
10. Mattelotte/Kupferschmied (2:40) 
11. Die Auswanderer (3:01) 

12. My Friend (2:52) (studio 1976) 
13. Tra Na Rossan I (2:55) (live 1979) 
14. Tra Na Rossan II (3:03) (live 1979) 
15. Another Morning (3:44) (live 1978) 
16. Among The Rice Fields (5:05) (live 1979) 
17. Rain Song (2:07) (live 1979) 
18. Wanderer (4:06) (live 1979) 
19. November (2:15) (live 1979) 
20. November Tea (3:17) (live 1979) 
21. Vetrieben (4:15) (live 1978) 
22. How Much Love (4:43) (live 1979) 

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