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19 Nov 2016

Guru Guru and Uli Trepte “Live And Unreleased 1972-1974" Kraut Rock

Guru Guru and Uli Trepte  “Live And Unreleased 1972-1974" Kraut Rock
Bassist Uli Trepte was one of the founders of the seminal space rock Krautrock group Guru Guru, and this CD, a reissue of a United Dairies LP with the track “Bo Diddley” added, combines material from Trepte’s tenure with Guru Guru and some studio stuff done soon after he left the band. The two Guru Guru tracks were recorded live in 1972, and the performances on these long jams, capturing the group at their height, make up for the mediocre fidelity of the recordings. This is the classic Guru Guru trio, with Mani Neumeier on drums and Ax Genrich on guitar, and with the most basic rock combo set up, they improvise into some incredible riffing with the fluidity of free jazz. The Trepte solo material from 1974, done with the help of various musicians from Amon DüüI II, Embryo, Thirsty Moon, and Frumpy is only slightly more conventional psychedelic rock, with a stronger emphasis on song structure. That doesn’t stop “Sitting in the Sun” from flying out into orbit towards the end, or “White Line Fever” from going into a wild guitar and percussion jam. The last track, “Ear Mike Song,” with heavily distorted vocals, even portends Trepte’s later project, Spacebox. Unlike Genrich’s solo album, where most of the solo material of Trepte’s former bandmate pales in comparison to the two live Guru Guru tracks on that disc, Trepte’s material on this one actually stands up quite well to Guru Guru’s legendary Krautrock sound……by Rolf Semprebon…. 

The archival book “Guru Guru & Uli Trepte”, published in 1995 by ATM Records (a year later also under license at Spalax), contains two things. Once, there is a live recording of the Guru-Guru-original recording - the trio Ax Genrich, Mani Neumeier and Uli Trepte - to be heard, recorded sometime 1972 (in the booklet is only “Unknown Location”). Furthermore, there are four numbers of Uli Trepte, which were recorded in 1974 at a session in Conny Planks Studio, but were never released. 

Or, “never” is not quite right. All the tracks to be found here - except for “Der LSD Marsch” - were released for the first time in 1985, under the title “Hot On Spot / Inbetween”, as 1000 copies limited to vinyl at the United Dairies label. There were apparently also a CD version of this in 1988. The ATM / Spalax CD adds the “LSD march”, so the album offers a good one-hour cabbage orchestra. 

The live parts are two long Freak-outs in the style of the first two LPs of the band (see “ UFO ” and “ Rear ”), of which the two numbers come. The three protagonists are distorted and echoed by the psychedelic-space-cosmic and confused. Basically these are two long, bluesy-krautige Rockimprovisationen à la “Cream on the trip”, where above all Genrich hires all sorts of crazy things with his electric guitar. Some singing “singing” can be heard from time to time. The sound quality is tidy, a bit musty and dosig, but the recordings are very good to listen to. 

In 1972, Uli Trepte left Guru Guru. He then played briefly with Faust , Neu! And Tomorrow’s poison before it with Carsten Bohn (see Carsten Bohn Bandstand beginning, the former drummer of Frumpy) 1975 the band called Kickbit information into life. Previously, however, at the end of 1974, Trepte went to Conny’s studio with the people involved here to record a demo for a planned solo album. Carsten Bohn was there too, but obviously the whole thing had nothing to do with Kickbit Information. Also on board were certainly not Christian Burchard and Roman Bunka (both of embryo ) and Willi Pape (of Thirsty Moon ). The result, half an LP, offered Trepte different record companies, but all have thankfully dwindled. So the material disappeared once in the drawer. 

A very strange (krautigen) jazzrock can be heard here, dominated by Bunta’s electric guitar, but also determined by flute, sax, marimba and e-piano. The tweaks are sometimes jumbled, sometimes accompanied by all sorts of electronic sounds and sounds, radio recordings and various, more or less meaningful singing in German and English. This sounds quite like a more jazzy version of Guru Guru’s early stuff, but better produced and more sophisticated and more sophisticated. I’d like more of that! 

“Guru Guru & Uli Trepte” is a very worthwhile album, which is especially recommended by Krautrock-Freaks and Gruru-Guru-Fans. Through the plays of 1974, the album also offers a (finacially) interesting alternative to the rather short-lived guru-guru album “Essen 1970”, which contains almost the same live material of the first cast……by…. Achim Breiling………. 

1 –Guru Guru Der LSD-Marsch 23:50 
2 –Guru Guru Bo Diddley 18:22 
3 –Uli Trepte United Dish 3:34 
4 –Uli Trepte Sitting In The Sun 6:17 
5 –Uli Trepte White Line Fever 5:23 
6 –Uli Trepte Ear-Mike Song 4:20

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