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16 Nov 2016

Lectric Music Revolution “Lectric Music Revolution”1969 Canada Psych Rock

Lectric Music Revolution “Lectric Music Revolution”1969 Canada Psych Rock
Based in Guelph, this band’s album is an amalgam of pop-rock, country rock and folk-rock. The title track is a good pop-rock song and Future Is Past and I Wonder are mellow, laid back folk-rockers. One cut, Open Road Man, veers towards heavy rock. Not a great album but when you’ve checked out the classics, this may be worth a spin…… 

Original Line-Up: 

Jack MacDonald Guitar, Vocals 
Manny Slauenwhite Lead Vocals, Guitar 
George Smith Keyboards 
Wayne Pottie Drums 
Dennis Richardson Bass, Vocals 
Owen MacDonald Manager 

Other Members: 

Hal Hudson Lead Guitar 
Blaine Jollimore Saxes 
Tim Garrigan Drums 
Gary Dixon Drums 
Mike Pelham Drums 
Jim White Bass 
Lennie Brennan Bass 
Ernie Reti Bass 
Ray Evans Bass 
Bruce Baker Bass 
Dan Skinner Bass 
Garrie Cooke Bass 
Lee MacDonald Keyboards 

01 I Am A Loser 
02 Lectric Music Revolution 
03 Future Is Past 
04 Open Road Man 
05 I Wonder 
06 Funny Little Girl 
07 Let Yourself Go 
08 Tanya Canya 
09 Live Today, Tomorrow’s Not For Sure 


1971 Lectric Music Revolution (MARATHON) 

1974-75 Bye Bye Lover / Funny Little Girl (SOLAR) 

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