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21 Nov 2016

Liliental “ Liliental” 1978 Germany Prog Kraut Rock,Ambient

Liliental  “ Liliental” 1978 Germany  Prog Kraut Rock,Ambient
Liliental was a side project led by Dieter Moebius ( Cluster ) who was looking for something more innovative in terms of electronic music . Moebius then invited two distinguished members of Kraan , bassist Helmut Hattler and saxophonist Johannes Pappert , who also plays flute. The band joined the genius Conny Plank , sound engineer and master production of various Krautrock bands like Neu ! , Can, Harmonia and Kraftwerk . 

The purpose of this project was to create a beautiful atmosphere toward the electronic ambiance making use of distorted guitars with beautiful passages of synthesizers , woodwinds and a little bit of percussion, which at times leads us to the golden age of the Cluster itself. 

The album consists of little melodies that contains electronic elements, wich are very creative and exotic, thus creating , in parts , an atmosphere bordering on obscurity. 

This record was released by Brain in 1978 but few copies were pressed on vinyl because it was Moebius’ personal project . If I’m not wrong , Universal Music released a 2007 Japanese Digipack of this same title , and tas i know , is available on the Internet for purchase. 

I can say it was a real treat to have on hand that gem and i totally recommend to fans of good and old Krautrock .by Luciana Aun…………. 

Line-up / Musicians 

- Dieter Moebius / keyboard, guitar, percussions 
- Conny Plank / keyboard, guitar, manipulated voices 
- Johannes Pappert / altosaxophon, bass, flute 
- Helmutt Hattler / e-bass guitar 
- Okko Bekker / keyboard, musical saw, percussions 
- Armus Tietchens / keyboard, drums 

A1 Stresemannstrasse
A2 Adel
A3 Wattwurm
B1 Vielharmonie
B2 Gebremster Schaum
B3 Nachsaison 

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