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20 Nov 2016

LSD Pond “LSD Pond” 2008 US Psych Space Rock

LSD Pond  “LSD Pond” 2008  US Psych Rock 2CD  edition in 1000 copies
Old-school Philly post-psych masters Bardo Pond trading sweet, bluesy sounds with Japanese tradesmen LSD-March and Masami Kawaguchi’s New Rock Syndicate. It all fades in like they’ve been playing forever; moderately paced, long, dope-y, free-form jams in which the ideas go all unusual in the middle and often fall apart in the climaxes, kind of dark and almost without structure. Although this album just bleeds skill in the musicianship, it’s more about getting in the groove; I can just imagine their eyes back in their heads, bodies bobbing and weaving as the smoke thickens. Luckily the Pond-sters inject a dose of post-rock concentration into the proceedings, so that we have ‘60s psych that sounds nowhere near the '60s - no big-bloused, flower-chain poofterism here - grittier, like '70s urbanism had been introduced into the mix, minus the afros and street dealing funk. It’s not psychedelica as much as an interest in stringing out the music to see how far they can go, working the limits and fingering the edges. Then with the second CD we get a different line-up which pushes it rougher, odder, more whacked-out. A damaged yet solid wall-of-sound versus the distinct notes of the first disc. (Especially check-out the ambient noise-into-cool-machine-moaning improv of “Sugatanaki Kyofu”.) And here on this side Isobel Sollenberger’s dervish vox provide a human-esque highlight for what’s been primarily instrumental. Particularly in the finale of “Yoru Kara Yorue” where her voice acts as a sane anchor amidst the wicked storm. All great, and I don’t even take drugs… RIStout……….. 

1-1 We Are LSD Pond 17:22 
1-2 Hikari Naki Sekai 23:13 
1-3 Tamerai To Kurushimi 5:20 
1-4 Utuwa No Naka No Mizu 15:43 
1-5 Dosyaburi No Naka De 10:47 
2-1 We Are LSD Pond 25:06 
2-2 Sugatanaki Kyofu 27:00 
2-3 Yoru Kara Yorue 19:44 

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