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19 Nov 2016

Mani Neumeier ” Kraut ‘N’ Rock - Guru Guru Grooves” 2011 Kraut Rock

Mani Neumeier ” Kraut ‘N’ Rock - Guru Guru Grooves” 2011 Kraut Rock
full CD 1
full CD1 + 2
The best drummer and percussionist Germany wrote music history!“ 
The best drummer and percussionist Germany wrote music history!“ 

(Frankfurter Rundschau) 

The band Guru Guru drummer Mani Neumeier is considered pioneering musical group of "Krautrock” genre. And enjoys one of the few German bands of this kind also internationally an excellent reputation. A special hallmark of Guru Guru and her inspirer Mani Neumeier is a rather rare combination of solid musician style with a decent zest of humor, cross-border stylistic diversity, high-class rock, jazz roots, a strong passion for dadaistic productions and a sympathetic anarchic- creative life. 

the fact that a drummer with his arts for decades characterizes a band and keeps the musical reins, occurs not frequent. Especially not in the local rock music. The percussionist and Guru Guru boss Mani Neumeier is in this respect something very special and one of the most versatile musicians of his guild. He is one of the most successful drum virtuosos between rock and jazz, has co-operated with numerous stars of the jazz and rock scene from George Gruntz or Wolfgang Dauner, Alfred Harth, Manfred Schoof, the Globe Unity Orchestra, John McLaughlin, Champion Jack Dupree and Yuseel Lateef And not least with his band Guru Guru a significant piece of jazz and rock history. Thanks to its diverse musical connections and productive networks, “Krautrock” has also become an internationally recognized trademark. A drummer of the extra class, a freejazz pioneer, multicultural specialist, daring sound explorer, musical world traveler, shaman and cross-border entfanterrible of the contemporary music scene. This anthology provides an overall view of the essence and work, life and music as well as the artistic development of Mani Neumeier and Guru Guru. The extraordinary story is documented here with all the important facets by outstanding recordings from the repertoire of Guru Guru and Mani Neumeier and with extensive texts and notes by Mani Neumeier himself, biographies of all participating musicians, the lyrics, discographical information, photos and an introduction the music journalist Volker Rebell explained in detail in the lush booklet. A worth listening to insightful journey through the wild world of herb and rock, as it has not yet been given in this form. 

“Mani, my musical companion and friend is a freak. Without, but in the most positive of all meanings. So one who presents himself with all his great talents and bizarre incidents outside of the social mainstream, provokes charmingly and the one of the game reserve without making reproaches. An original, also in the best sense: no copy, but always himself and remained faithful for decades. Musically and in his entire world view. He embodies everything that is important to me - and I am very grateful to him! ”(Hellmut Hattler)…………….. 

1. Stone In 5:43
2. Girl Call 6:21
3. Next Time See You At The Dalai Lama 5:58
4. Der Lsd Marsch 8:30
5. Electric Junk 11:01
6. Moroso 4:11
7. Blue Huhn 3:19
8. Galactic Human 5:56
9. Dark Blue Star 5:06
10. Jaipur 3:31
11. Electro Mutation 9:01 


1. Hinten 4:32
2. Kräuter Und Weltmeister 5:04
3. Speed Display 5:12
4. Schall Und Rauch 1:35
5. I Touch Your Skin 3:25
6. Overheat 1:56
7. Elephantwalk 6:23
8. Jungle Party 3:28
9. Auf Alle Felle 5:34
10. The Frogs From Ishigaki 5:40
11. Eins / Ichi 10:03
12. Flexitwister 3:13
13. Bayangobi 10:04 

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