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18 Nov 2016

Meller Gołyźniak Duda “Breaking Habits” 2016 Poland Prog Rock

Meller Gołyźniak Duda  “Breaking Habits” 2016 Poland Prog Rock
It gives us great pleasure to announce that today is the release date of another album co-created by Mariusz Duda.

Somewhere beyond Riverside and his solo project, Lunatic Soul, he managed to find some time for a completely different, very rock-oriented band called Meller Gołyźniak Duda. Their debut album, full of dirty rock riffs as well as melodies and space, is titled “Breaking Habits” and Mariusz sang, played the bass, and wrote all the lyrics on it.

Here is the line-up: Maciej Meller - guitar Maciek Gołyźniak - drums Mariusz Duda - bass guitar, vocal

The artwork was prepared by an incredibly talented Polish painter and graphic designer, Jarek Kubicki. “Breaking Habits” is released on Rockserwis. …..
Mariusz Duda has had a very heavy and active period (not even a month has passed since the release of the instrumental compilation Riverside, and about the hardships of the year did not even mention), so no one would have him to blame if he decided to go on a long vacation. But somewhere on the sidelines and without much publicity was born slowly project initiated by Matthias Gołyźniaka (Sorry Boys) and Maciej Meller (Quidam). Men also came up with the idea to ask Duda of guest participation. Their music has proved to be so good that he conjured up the time off and recorded with them virtually live the whole album. If Mariusz was bought, how I could have doubts as to its potential? High hopes have probably all, because these names are synonymous with quality. So let’s listen to how men give up their habit.

I’ll start with unusual because the cover, which is adorned with the work of Jarek Kubicki, one of my favorite contemporary artists. I think you can not get off his art, so you might even buy a CD to look at it and brag to her friends who still do not understand your tastes.Fortunately, there is no need to use plates trio Meller Gołyźniak Duda as ornaments, indeed too often will lie in the vicinity of the player. I listen to the current twice a day. The world simply is not enough time. The album contains 3 quarters of an hour of music as he charged black puck. It was also recorded by traditional methods, which can be heard in every sound, the freedom with which they were recorded, the chemistry between the musicians and natural sound. Production is also very lively and clear, every instrument resonates perfectly. Meller beautifully wrapped all his versatile guitar. It’s a shame that with all three is the least active artistically. Vibrations between Duda and Gołyźniakiem is the wet dream of everyone who’s heart beats faster when he hears an interesting rhythm section. Listen to only instrumental Breaking Habits , which Gołyźniak with an amazing sense echoes bass lines Duda and even more it thickens. The song is also a lightly toolowe serve. The beauty of power trio has been here most preserved. Each musician has something to say and subtracting one element would lead to a collapse of the entire structure.

As announced by the musicians, the foundation board was parting with habits and try something other than their parent group. “Breaking Habits” is the spirit of the old hard rock, blues is also a hint in the singles Feet on the Desk , which Duda sings with great bulk and distance, even jauntily coughing at one time. The big surprise is sunk in the magma funk Tattoo , which actually pulls the shoes. On the other hand, we have the most riversidowy Floating Over , who for almost 10 minutes spins an impressive musical tale. After a strong lyrical beginning of a track changes course and get prey vocals Duda, a great solo Meller, and at the very end of the long instrumental closing. Somewhere on the piece floats also the spirit of the early Porcupine Tree. At number 3 is hiding and charming 3-minute composition, which has one of the most addictive choruses, I’ve heard this year. Lands so from a vending machine on the list of my favorite tracks of the year.
I know that Riverside decided never to fill the gap after December, and I respect this decision, but it certainly should consider Meller Guest part of their next album, the best in several compositions. Listening Floating Over I can not help feeling that he could make a lot of fresh ideas to the music of Warsaw.

“Breaking Habits” is the fruit of a sincere desire to make music without tensions and unnecessary technological tricks. Just three guys playing primarily for myself and music. Fortunately for students meeting these three personalities led to a sensational album, which skillfully combines the inspiration and gives them a chance to taste nieodwiedzanych every day musical areas. You can not help feeling that great at the same time….by…. David Zielonka…. 
1. Birds Of Prey 5:20
2. Feet On The Desk 5:46
3. Shapeshifter 3:30
4. Breaking Habits 5:42
5. Against The Tide 4:25
6. Tattoo 4:16
7. Floating Over 9:52
8. Into The Wild 4:44 

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