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18 Nov 2016

Mickie D’s Unicorn “Mickie D’s Unicorn”1979 Germany Synth Pop Prog Rock

Mickie D’s Unicorn “Mickie D’s Unicorn”1979 Germany Synth Pop Prog Rock
Great synth LP from Michael Duwe,produced by Klaus Schulze, while Manuel Göttsching collaborates too.Recently posted in Kraut-team blog,but thought they won’t mind posting it here too,to give more people the chance to listen to this masterpiece…… 

First ever release on Klaus Schulze’s own IC (Innovative Communication) Label. Mickie D. aka Mickie Duwe had already appeared on Ash Ra Tempel’s Seven Up album and had been a short-time member of Agitation Free. Aside from that he became “famous” when Ashra played a benefit concert for him in Switzerland in 1979 to earn the cash to get him out of jail (lawyer? baksheesh??). Mr. D. at this time was imprisoned in Greece, accused of smuggling hashish into the country.

Here on his 1st album he plays an awesome Space Guitar (Hillage meets Göttsching) often accompanied by primitive but irresistible sequencers and he sings with a cool voice that reminds me slightly of uncle F. Zappa. He’s supported by Hattler & Fride of Kraan fame, Göttsching (only programming on 1 track) and 2 ominous guys called “Mano” (Polymoog-Strings, Minimoog, Celli and Oboe) and “Sunshine” on drums. ……. 

Manfred Opitz 
Manuel Göttsching 
Michael Duwe 
Vocals, Multi Instruments 
Jan Fride 
Hellmut Hattler 
Klaus Schulze 
Michael Shrieve 

01. In Times Of The Unicorn 6:14 
02. The Witch 4:54 
03. Sundayborn Child 2:40 
04. The Searcher 5:31 
05. Little Red Riding Hood 3:57 
06. Black Riders 5:06 
07. West Of The Moon 3:35 
08. A: Elbereth 6:08

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