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18 Nov 2016

Mind Doctors “On the Threshold of Reality”1976 UK Heavy Psych

Mind Doctors  “On the Threshold of Reality”1976 UK Heavy Psych
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The Mind Doctors formed in the early 70’s (exact date unknown) comprising Martin Weaver (Guitars) and Dave ‘Doc’ Wadley (Keyboards). 
Martin and Dave had previously been in assorted heavy progressive Rock Groups, Martin in Dark and Wicked Lady, Radar, etc. and Dave in Soft Thrust, Back to Zero etc. In the '60’s Dave also worked with Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath fame. 
Bored with the heavy rock scene (and after a heavy night drinking!) they decided to team up as a duo to produce crossover 'head’ music encompassing all musical styles. This gave Dave a chance to use his classical training to great effect, (check out Track 3: Praedludium 3, On the Threshold of Reality C.D.) It also gave Martin an excuse to stop smashing equipment and play some thoughtful Guitar! 
The two experimented with early synthesizers and effects to produce vivid landscapes of sound designed to give the listener an audio film experience (it works with or without funny cigarettes). Listen to the C.D. loud in a darkened room and you will see what I mean. The C.D. is available from specialist music shops on Kissing Spell - KSCD 9597 or order a tape copy direct from Dave Wadley. This is the first recording from the duo, Moon Winds of which a remixed extract appears on 'Threshold’ will follow next……. 

Project guitarist Martin Weaver of the Wicked Lady and keyboardist Dave Wadley, who worked in the 60’s with Tony Iommi. Album is entirely instrumental and music is probably somewhere between Camel and Tangerine Dream (there is even something of the PF), but from time to time, Weaver did not stand and begins the fuzz with distortion connected, it comes out of meditation and begins chopping riffs … Instead it virtuosic solos - Decoration album. The disc is quite long, with a thing called Praeludium 3 has a duration of more than 18 minutes, and the final Soldiers Of Misfortune altogether almost 21 minutes. Lovers Wicked Lady, you can not particularly worry about that work with hard rock in it have nothing in common. …… 

In terms of the contradictory information about the release of the creation of the English duo’s Mind Doctors many will handicap. 
. Firstly, the year of publication on the CD cover reads as follows: “written in the mid-seventies as a byproduct of drug session, members of the ensemble Wicked of Lady ”. And you can not tell whether Hochma, whether seriously … The same text slides on several Internet portals, and, with a clear date of designation: 1976. However, if you believe the sites,, and the other, a distance record in 1971. And judging by the sound of “On the Threshold of Reality”, it seems to be true. This is followed by a tedious mess with the title track. The booklet stated their eleven. In reality, the disc is present 5 songs, the length of which varies from 4.5 to 20 minutes (apparently without marijuana still has not done here …). In general, I propose to leave alone an introduction and go directly to the tale. 
So, yet Mind Doctors - is Martin Weaver (guitar, bass) and Dave “Doc” Wadley (keyboards, percussion). The first add-fighters before amused heavy proto-prog in teams of Dark , Wicked of Lady , the Radar and others. As for Dave, he performed a similar in style to music in groups Soft Trust and the Back to the Zero , and in the sixties even managed to jam with Tony Iommi - future leader of Black Sabbath’s . So, ask inquisitive reader, presented merry British gentlemen listener in this case? The answer is: very interesting tool batch of the hangover trance psychedelia (the English version of Krautrock, if you like), prolonged meditation properties guitar “flying” over immersed in the sweet bliss reason audiophile (recall precursor fellow “doctors” the High The Tide , led by another genius amateur “acid” guitarist Tony Hill), a game, a little priblyuzovannogo art and nod to the mastermind of a good half rockers antiquity of Bach (in reaching the third number “Praeludium 3” is there workshop-key variation on one of the great maestro). Add to this a subtle mockery of the standard melodic rock 'n’ roll in the central episode of the final 20-minute opus … and still get a very rough idea of the picture of what is happening. For the Mind Doctors from this cohort ensembles, it is better to hear once. In general, I warned. Go ahead…… 

A short lived musical project of guitarist Martin Weaaver (ex-Dark, ex-Wicked Lady) and Dave 'Doc’ Wadley - keyboards. UK mid seventies drug fuelled Wicked Lady spin off band from around the period of “Axemen Cometh”. This is even heavier. Instrumental acid fuzz guitar freakouts with doom laden backing.Wicked stuff indeed and deserves to be put on a higher recognition than it already is — Freak Emporium. ……. 


Dave 'Doc’ Wadley : Keyboards 
Martin Weaver : Guitars (ex-Dark, ex-Wicked Lady) 


01. Lost Horizon Of A Lesser God (5:33) 
02. Rising Sun (4:29) 
03. Never The Twain (18:13) 
04. Praeludium 3 (Bach) (5:10) 
05. Time Warrior (20:38) 

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