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15 Nov 2016

Monument “Vol.1″ 1970 France Psych Garage Rock

Monument “Vol.1″ 1970 France ultra rare Psych Garage Rock
 The only album from the French progressive quintet appeared on the market in 1970 and featured English lyrics sung by Michi Vals. Expect powerful Hammond organ sounds, a tight rhythm section and impressive, heavy guitar licks. This very rare album belongs to the top of early ‘70s French progressive rock …… 

Michy VALS (Vocal & Rhythm Guitar) 
Lou Lou LAGUERRE (Organ & Piano) 
Joël A. (Lead Guitar) 
Patrick F. (Bass Guitar) 
Tony LAGUERRE (Drums) 

Are You Dizzy 3:37 
The Norway Girl 3:26 
The Sun Is Rising 3:26 
With No Success 3:27 
Don’t Cry Clown 4:53 
You Look Funny 4:51 
Because You’re Mine 2:57 
I Love You 

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