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14 Nov 2016

Mother Island “Wet Moon” 2016 Italy Psych Rock by Go Down Records

Mother Island “Wet Moon” 2016 Italy Psych Rock by  Go Down Records 
“Wet Moon” is Mother Island’s second album. The band from Vicenza (Italy), which last year stood out thanks to the excellent debut “Cosmic Pyre” (2015 Go Down Records), returns with an album that marks a turning point on the band’s psychedelic path, with a more pop-oriented approach for its sounds and compositions. An album that alternates fast ballads, in which the voice scratches and carries the guitars that may have been recorded by band as Allah Las or The Growlers, to darker, psychedelic moments, as the cathartic and liberating “La Danse Macabre”. MOTHER ISLAND refer to themselves as melancholy and their music enhances the mood, like the full moon reflected in the water: here explained the title of the album, the result of a dissolute night spent wandering by boat through the Venice canals. A stream of consciousness oozing lysergic experiences and inner journeys, in which the voice of Anita Formilan exorcises demons and ghosts of an imaginary à la Velvet Underground. But the sound that comes out is warm and enveloping, alluring and sensual, thanks also to Matt Bordin’s production, who used only analog instruments and a Studer 24 track recorder……. 

Listen ‘Wet Moon’ in these warm evenings of late summer now really does feel good: the people of Vicenza boys from their ability to write songs liquid (hence the title 'Wet Moon’ ??) from the psychedelic flavor and by the moods “lived "reminiscent, thanks to the beautiful voice and the important presence of singer Anita Formilan, the soul and r & b sounds typically British (see Amy Winehouse and the like). This combination of sounds and styles captivates the senses thanks to a particularly wrapping production, which is able to guarantee warm and distinct sounds that can enhance both the most immediate songs (cfr. 'On Days Like These’) is the most lysergic and difficult to read ('La Danse Macabre’). A really good spot, alternating easy moments to other more stratified….by (Davide Perletti)….. 

After a delicious album as Cosmic Pyre (2015), it would be reasonable to expect from the Mother Island a mean long distance from the recording studios. If only introject the dynamics of a sensational debut and finding the right made live - what they do the normal band in fact. Not at all, for a year (and a half) away the Vicentina band returns with the new work entitled ” Wet Moon “ 

Actually, the thing that most amazes the whole thing lies in the "cut” that emerges from the episodes contained in this second full-length . No net change, but a consistent stylistic evolution able to remain adherent to so dear aesthetic Psych , adding to the view a predominance visual notably California. Surely the Byrds , certainly the Jefferson Airplane , but here we also talk about the sand, sunsets and Sixties Garage-Rock - listen “ On Days Like These ” and will not stop anymore. In this regard, continuing listening, spontaneously emerge the figures of the handful of boys are able to make money from their experience at the bar (and warehouse) of ’ Amoeba Music as a springboard towards the rediscovery of the Garage-Rock - obviously we speak of Allah-Las , from which they take our cue to rearrange in a personal gender dynamics ( “ to the Moon Wet ” the Heat “). 

They must be of the romantic types the Mother Island , certainly melancholy: as the view of the moon reflected on the water - just like the title of the album, born after the blind date last year, wandering by boat to the city’s canals. A melancholy that sometimes takes certain traits Noir borrowed from the experience of the Velvet Underground ( ” Le Danse Macabre “), while in other incidents manifested in the manner of the Blues ” Heroin Sunrise “ - with guitars and closing homage Jimmy Page and whoever if forgets ” Since I’ve Been Loving You “? It remains always valid comparison between the voice Liela Moss ( The Duke Spirit ) and that of Anita Formilan - with slight preference for the latter. 

A wrap-around disc, which still benefits once Matt Bordin production, which to follow the purist nature of the band has made use only of analog instruments and a Studer 24-track recorder. Another center, but I did not have to tell you?…by..· Alessandro Rossi…… 

Anita Formilan | vocals 
Giacomo Totti | bass 
Nicola Bottene | drums 
Nicola Tamiozzo | guitar 
Nicolò De Franceschi | guitar 

1. To The Wet Moon 
2. On Days Like These 
3. Twentynine Palms 
4. In The Meantime We Will Dance 
5. La Danse Macabre 
6. Normal Love 
7. Eastern Memories 
8. Heroin Sunrise 
9. The Heap 
10. Midnight Sun 

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