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19 Nov 2016

Necronomicon “Strange Dreams” Germany recording 1979 released by Garden Of Delights 2009

Necronomicon  “Strange Dreams” Germany recording 1979  released by Garden Of Delights  2009 
Strange Dreams presents 13 archived recordings from the Aachen band Necronomicon. The first ten are rehearsal tapes and the final three live, all from 1976. Consequently, the sound quality is not all that good, despite Garden of Delights’ efforts to present the music in the best possible light. Though Necronomicon had moved on musically from their debut release Tips zum Selbstmord, their music was still dominated by the duels between Dieter Ose’s organ and Walter Sturm’s electric guitar, along with Harald Bernhard’s dynamic percussion. However, gone are the politically-charged and vicious lyrics, opting for more of a poetical feel, and “Morning” has a definite “Whiter Shade of Pale” vibe to it. All the lyrics for the songs on this disc were written by the band, except for “The Donkey,” taken from a poem by British author G. K. Chesterton. The cover art for this CD is an insane pen and ink drawing of a joker from one of their concert posters. The music is interesting if you can get beyond the muffled sound, it sounds as if it was recorded inside a garbage can. It is probably best to experience this disc in small doses to truly discover the hidden beauty of the music. The bottom line is this disc is probably only of interest to the collector….. 

This album ‘Strange Dreams’ contains unreleased tracks recorded at their rehearsals and upon a gig in Herzogenrath near Aachen in 1976 (later released via a German independent label Garden Of Delights), and their musical style including the stuffs here might be closer to heavy / psychedelic progressive ensemble (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums-based) than Krautrock one in my humble opinion. Indeed Fistus’ inorganic and quirky organ sounds might influence much upon younger Krautrock outfits I guess (right?). Through the whole album, recording quality or sounds are not good (sometimes sounds are warped and interrupted) but this bad recording (or preservation of tapes) condition can notify us some Kraut-ish atmosphere cynically. There are lots of important points to listen to - the first three tracks Get The Feeling ~ Knocker ~ Motorcycle are exactly very typical heavily psychedelic guitar-based progressive rock examples. Morning is an organ-based laid-back psychedelic song reminding us Procol Harum. The title track Strange Dreams sounds heavy rock one with free jazzy essence in the middle part. And my masterpiece - The Donkey always make me weep … slow-tempo, depressive but dramatic and aggressive organ-based psychedelic progressive. Without my intention this song let me push the “reverse” button on my CD player. Little Man, the last song in this album recorded at some rehearsals, is very flexible jazz rock / fusion with much psychedelic bitter sweet. The last three songs recorded on a gig are more poppy for me but I can feel good air NECRONOMICON and the audience should be well united. ……….. 

1-10: Übungsraum 1976 
11-13: Live Jugendheim Herzogenrath 1976 

- Walter Sturm / guitar, vocals 
- Dieter Ose / keybords, guitar, vocals 
- Bernd Oppitz / bass 
- Harald Bernhard / drums, percusion 

1 Get The Feeling / Starter 9:10 
2 Knocker 5:08 
3 Motorcycle 6:49 
4 Morning 4:27 
5 Strange Dreams 5:04 
6 Roundabout 8:33 
7 The Donkey 6:48 
8 Sunday 4:36 
9 The Well 4:14 
10 Little Man 10:02 
11 Amadeus’ Song 5:22 
12 Driving Me Mad 4:36 
13 Gossip 4:31 
Necronomicon 1976 from left to right Walter Sturm (Gitarre, Gesang) Bernd Oppitz (Bass) Dieter Ose (Keyboards, Gitarre, Gesang) Harald Bernhard (Schlagzeug, Percussion)

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