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13 Nov 2016

New Juggler Sound {Laghonia} “Trouble Childs” 1967-69 Peru Psych Garage Acid Rock

New Juggler Sound {Laghonia} “Trouble Childs” 1967-69 Peru Psych Garage Acid Rock
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unreleased 1965
New Juggler Sound, Laghonia, Smog, and the first We All Together (later on some of the members reunite in the 80s) constitute the only rock saga in Latin America. With 40 years of permanence during which, although they have had their ups and downs, they always maintained a solid musical coherence oriented towards what today is defined as power pop. The best of their early magic is revealed in this anthology in all its secret splendor. New Juggler Sound marks the commencement of this productive and secretive saga during the essential years of 1965-1973........

N ew Juggler Sound, Laghonia, Smog, and the first We All Together (after some members would meet again in the 80s) makethe only saga of rock in Latin America, with 40 years in which although they have had upsdowns, always maintained a solid musical coherence oriented to what today is defined as power pop. The best of his magic is revealed in this collection in all its secret splendor.

New Juggler Sound marks the beginning of this productive and secret saga of rock in Latin America during 1965-1973 essential. In its founding moments (and they were many because their history is full of reinventions) were the national version of the Beatles; however, whenreached the creative freedom and left behind direct influences, they were simply a great rock and roll band with inimitable style.

They started in 1965 rehearsing and meeting at Maranga, Peru. Initially the group was formed by Saul Cornejo and Alberto Miller on guitar and vocals, Eddy Zarauz on bass, Carlos Salom on the Hammond organ, Manuel Cornejo on drums and Alex Abad on percussion. Strongly influenced from the beginning by the Mersey beat prevailing at the time and guided by the exquisite vocal harmonies of the Byrds, released two 45s with RCA Victor. The group rises even higher in the psychedelic stratosphere and progresses to a more acidic style, possibly after hearing the first experiments with wah wah Eric Clapton running on the Yardbirds and Cream developed. Alberto Miller leaves the band and is replaced by Davey Levene a guitar virtuoso who recorded three 45s. New Juggler Sound here reaches its creative fulfillment. The melodic sensibility of Saul Cornejo achieves immediate chemistry with talent acid Davey Levene, plasma and improvisations full of pop colors and others closer to black music. These three 45s are some of the most beautiful jewels that ever emerged not only in the Peruvian psychedelia, but psychedelia to dry.
1968: New Juggler Sound changed its name Laghonia and initiates a new phase with Glue, a first LP which it is actually a collection of new Juggler Sound, with the exception of Neighbor and My love themes, announcing the new direction of the group with a higher prevalence of keyboards and creating atmospheres, probably influenced by the open melodic range by Todd Rundgren with Nazz. The new style of Laghonia be appreciated in its fullness in his second LP, et cetera, and the single World Full of Nuts b / w We all.
In 1970 Saul Cornejo accepts a proposal of Carlos Guerrero to join a project that seeksrecreate the sound of bands like the Iveys / Badfinger and Wings, which is clearly manifested in its first LP. The group, called We All Together, beats speech level, recovering the time of its inception in which the harmonies prevailed vocales.En 1971 Ernesto Samamé founded Smog, a parallel group incompany of Manuel Guerrero on guitar and vocals and Eduardo Vasquez battery. They record 45 bright and dissolved. Meanwhile, We All Togetherrecorded their second LP in 1973 and separated. During the second half of the 70s, in that dark time when the rock in Peru literally died, his latest reincarnation under the name of You is published...........

Beginnings: New Juggler Sound (1965-1968)
In 1965 born the idea of the band with Saul Cornejo on guitar and vocals , Manuel Cornejo in drums and Eddy Zarauz in the low , then decided to look for a guitar player and found Alberto Miller and finally Alex Abad docked on percussion under the initial name of Minstrels . After he started recording their new compositions and essays the group at the end of that year he decided to rename The New Juggler Sound influenced by British style of those times being The Beatles , The Rolling Stones , The Hollies , The Beach Boys , The Animals , the Kinks and the Yardbirds his main influences and the style that the band would experience sounds.

By early 1966 the group began to frequent labels like Virrey where the sound was not commercial producers of the time and it made the group feel a sound underground and unprofitable for the music industry songs.

In mid- 1967 , Rafael Hastings invite you to play in a prelude to an exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Lima where prior to his presentation the Journal Last Time described them as "Hippies invade Lima."

In June 1968 recorded "Baby Baby" / "I must go" after three months at the request of the record label record a 45 rpm in Spanish with the songs " A Thousand Miles of Love" / "Smile Glass", the first era a song that already had but in English. Later that year Alberto Miller leaves the band and is replaced by a friend of Eduardo Zarauz, guitarist Davey Levene who recorded the next singles. With Levene and guitar Fender Stratocaster the band begins to explore new sounds and influences as Levene had music soul and rhythm & bluesy after that the group breaks relations with RCA Victor and goes with MAG.

The psychedelic trip of Peruvian rock: Laghonia (1969-1971)
In 1969 with the seal MAG they take on sale three singles 45 RPM with the songs "Glue / Billy Walrus", "And I saw her walking / Trouble child" and "Bahia / The Sandman". Later that year the band decided to rename Laghonia, as was the agony (impending separation) of The Beatles, one of the bands that influenced their music in May and decided to include the use of Hammond organ that would be touched by Carlos Salom ( barranquino fond of jazz and Brazilian music and recorded with him the songs "Neighbor" and "My love"). Released the album titled Glue which would be a compilation of the 3 45rpm singles they recorded as New Juggler Sound but with the inclusion of songs recorded with Carlos Salom.

The band was one of the few bands that used the Hammond-B2 in Peru and Latin America in both recordings and live. In this new transition to a new sound recording disk 45 RPM with the songs "World full of nuts" / "We all , " recorded in ancient MAG studios located in the Plaza Dos de Mayo . Although the theme "World full of nuts" finally his serious recording with a desfazador that distorted voice, making another of his memorable recordings of psychedelic expression.

In 1970 Zarauz is going away and is replaced by Ernesto Samamé on bass.

In 1971 they released their second album titled Etcetera , in which Carlos Guerrero participated in choirs. In this album the band had already reached a very high level of complexity of their musical sounds psychedelic and progressive exceptionally fused, were up to any band British of the time. The album cover is a collage of photos and drawings acclimated a very psychedelic way by Manuel Cornejo. After releasing the album Davey Levene went to live in the United States, Alex Abad joins another group and the other members with Carlos Guerrero form We All Together .

In 2004 they release a record called Unglue which is a compilation of demos, instrumentals and jammins of the band during their original activity edited by Repsychled Records and MCA Studios of Manuel Cornejo.

In March 2010 in the Peruvian / British Cultural Center Miraflores Saul Cornejo, Eddy Sarauz, Manuel Cornejo and Alex Abad held a live presentation......

"Baby Baby" / "I must go" (RCA Victor 1967 - As New Juggler Sound )
"Glue" / "Billy Walrus" (MAG 1969 - As New Juggler Sound )
"And I saw her walking" / "Trouble child" (MAG 1969 - As New Juggler Sound )
"Bahia" / "The Sandman" (MAG 1969 - As New Juggler Sound )
"World full of nuts" / "We all" (MAG 1970 )
Studio albums
Glue (MAG 1969 )
Etc. (MAG 1971 )
Unglue (MCA & Repsychled 2004 )


Laghonia “Glue” 1968 debut album + Laghonia “Etcetera” 1971 second album Peru Psych Rock

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