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13 Nov 2016

Peck-Smyth & Off “Love” 1976 Mexico Psych Rock

Peck-Smyth & Off “Love” 1976 Mexico Psych Rock
An intriguing mid-‘70s rock album from Mexico, Love from the group Peck, Smyth & Off with songs from singer/keyboardist Serge Peck and guitarist/vocalist Jimmy Smyth. Sung entirely in English, this album, though cut in 1976 and featuring many of the stylistic conventions of the era, shows some late '60s/early '70s psych influences and also has a very clear progressive rock influence……. 

The truth had not given me the time to investigate them. As he had said before, this along with the three previous albums that “postie” were recommendations friend who owns the record store I visit. Apparently this is really an American band, but were considered as Mexicans have recorded in our country, something similar to what happened with Kaleidoscope (them being in their of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic) although the latter were more embroiled in the national scene. The group was formed by Jimmy Smyth (guitar and vocals), Serge Peck (keyboards and vocals), Ralph Dri (bass and vocals) and Piscuis (drums). ……

Jimmy Smyth — guitar, vocals
Serge Peck — keyboards, vocals
Ralph Dri — bass, backing vocals
Piscuis — drums 

01. Love — 2:51
02. Masacre — 5:15
03. Magical…? — 4:34
04. Lady Mae — 6:22
05. My Son — 6:26
06. Death — 4:40
07. Jenny — 5:18
08. Mrs. Hayes — 4:54 

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