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13 Nov 2016

Rumplestiltskin “ Rumplestiltskin” 1970 UK Heavy Psych

Rumplestiltskin “ Rumplestiltskin” 1970 UK Heavy Psych
Early UK five piece of vocals, guitar, bass, organ and drums. Bluesy rock like Savoy Brown, May Blitz, Rare Earth, John Mayall, etc. The bassist was well known session man Herbie Flowers who was also bassist for Sky. The vocalist is Peter Lee Stirling who has several albums from the early to mid-60s released under his own name. The first album is good bluesy rock with longish organ and guitar solos but nothing particularly progressive about it…… 

Rumplestiltskin begins with the very dense guitar chords and the greater part of the entire album is permeated with the thick guitar riffs and piercing Hammond organ howls. “Make Me Make You” is in a way a lyrical song: “Girl, I know you’re following me, watching over every move I make, girl, you’re always just behind me, fooling over every breath I take. How could I know who you are, when you refuse to show your face to me? Every day of my life, I fall deeper into the black cloak of your spell. Sometimes I feel like I can almost touch you then once more you’re just a shadow”. And the rest of the collection grades from the culinary recipe “Pate de Foie Gras”: “You take some livers from a goose, two tablespoons of goose fat too, three eggs cooked and cook them real hard, salt and pepper till it’s best for you, paprika is a must but only just, an eighth of a spoon is sure to do” to antimilitaristic “Squadron Leader Johnson” and everything is coloured in the heavy psychedelic hues. by…Babe N Co….. 

Clem Cattini : Drums ex-The Tornados, ex-The Birds, ex-Johnny Kidd and The Pirates, ex-The Jeff Beck Group, ex-Hungry Wolf, ex-Ugly Custard 
Daniel Boone: ex-The Bruisers, ex-Hungry Wolf 
Herbie Flowers : Bass ex-Blue Mink, ex-C.C.S., Panhandle, T. Rex, Sky 
Alan Hawkshaw : Keyboard ex-Emile Ford (and The Checkmates), ex-The Mohawks, ex-The Shadows, ex-Hungry Wolf, Fancy 
Alan Parker : Guitar ex-Blue Mink, ex-C.C.S., ex-Hungry Wolf, ex-Ugly Custard 

Rumplestiltskin 1970 
01. Make Me Make You 06:08 
02. Poor Billy Brown 08:10 
03. Knock On My Door 02:46 
04. No One To Turn To 03:36 
05. Mr. Joe 06:43 
06. Pate De Fois Gras 02:58 
07. Rumpletstiltskin 03:20 

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